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An innovative masterplan to ensure harmonious sustainability and growth

Strategic Intent

The current Cannon Hill Anglican College Strategic Intent 2020–2022 outlines how the College intends to meet the challenges and opportunities of educating young women and men in a dynamic, evolving world.

Grounded by our commitment to Develop World and Work Ready Individuals, this plan provides the blueprint that will ensure CHAC continues to deliver distinctive and innovative education that engages, challenges and motivates students to discover their passion and be their personal best.

The strategic pillars provide the framework that supports the College’s corporate vision and outlines our shared priorities. You can download the Strategic Plan below

Download the Strategic Plan


The CHAC Masterplan 2023–2027 outlines a bold plan for the development of the College that maximises the ability of the built environment to embody the values and aspirations of the College.

Take a sneak peek at the Sport’s Excellence Centre here.

Download the Master plan

Our College development plans

CHAC has received Ministerial Infrastructure Designation (MID) approval for our planned development.

Here are some FAQs that help you to understand what the MID is about, and our next steps.

We’ll update this page as we receive more information.


What is the MID approval?

CHAC has developed a masterplan, which will see buildings replaced and built throughout its existing site and a new carpark created.

Our Ministerial Infrastructure Designation (MID) approval gives us State-level approval and a better ability to seamlessly achieve our masterplan. It covers our whole masterplan and any possible development we might consider, including new and replacement buildings, sporting facilities and a new carpark.

The MID application also gave our neighbours and our school a longer-term look at our plans.

Before seeking MID approval, we consulted with Brisbane City Council and stakeholders.

What does the CHAC masterplan include?

Proposed new development and redevelopment at CHAC includes:

  • designated College carparking area (Ivy St carpark)
  • six new outdoor sporting courts
  • new and redeveloped administration buildings, including a student wellness hub
  • single-storey outside school-hours care centre for existing students
  • two-storey indoor sports centre with basement parking
  • minor internal driveway updates.
What will the Ivy St carpark involve?

The planned carpark at the corner of Barrack Road and Ivy Street will take 60 cars off the street and onto CHAC land, alleviating traffic and parking congestion on neighbouring streets. The carpark will be designated for student and staff cars. It will not be used for drop-off and pick-up unless in emergency circumstances.

A small number of trees will be removed. More trees will be planted than will be removed, and all will be native species. CHAC will undertake stormwater mitigation as part of the development of the carpark.

When will construction take place and how long will it take?

Each project is being planned in detail, and we will keep the community up to date. The College masterplan is available online.

What planning and due diligence have been conducted for the construction?

Four engineering firms were engaged to assess the application for flooding, environmental impacts, traffic and transport impacts, and stormwater management. All reports found the application was sound and will not materially damage the environment or increase flooding.

What will CHAC’s environmental management include?

CHAC is committed to protecting the environment.

Sustainability and wildlife perseveration are key features of our strategic plan, and we have a proud history of planting more native trees than we remove. We minimise weed infestation in Perrin Creek and the Wetlands, allowing native plants to thrive. Students are actively involved in our environmental measures throughout their time at CHAC, including worm farms, composting, gardens and craft recycling.

We have invested in solar infrastructure and smart technology energy monitoring software to reduce energy consumption. We’re committed to upcycling and recycling our used ICT equipment and classroom furniture.

We are aware that a small number of trees we plan to remove are part of designated koala habitat. However, successive studies over the years by ecologists and trained fauna spotters have found no signs of koalas on CHAC grounds. Under Queensland Government definitions, CHAC is neither a Koala Priority Area (KPA) or an Identified Koala Broad-Hectare Area.

Residential and commercial development along the length of Perrin Creek has been steady in the 35 years since CHAC opened in 1989, making it highly unlikely koalas will ever inhabit CHAC land.

How can neighbours express any concerns they may have?

You can always share your views with us.

We want to be good neighbours, and we welcome conversations with you at any time.

You can find out how to join that conversation by contacting our Facilities Manager, Justin Philip, on 3896 0444.

Has an architect or builder been appointed?

We have appointed local architects Blueline/Reddog. A builder will be appointed soon.

Is there a more concrete timeline for commencement?

Stage 1 (the outdoor courts and carpark) is planned to commence in Term 2 of 2023.

Stage 2 (the new sports centre and the administration building) is due to commence in Term 4 of 2023.

What signage will be installed on-site once works commence?

We’ll install signage with contact details for any queries from the community.

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