CHAC Policies to keep our students safe

Statement of Commitment to the Protection of Children and Young People

Cannon Hill Anglican College supports the rights of children and young people and is committed to ensuring the safety, welfare and wellbeing of students. Cannon Hill Anglican College is therefore committed to responding to allegations of student harm resulting from the conduct or actions of any person, including that of employees.

This commitment includes the provision of a safe and supportive living and learning environment for all students and requires all employees, volunteers and visitors to model and encourage behaviour that upholds the dignity of students and their protection from harm.

In support of this commitment, Cannon Hill Anglican College is dedicated to our Child and Youth Risk Management strategy which includes having relevant policies, procedures and training in place to effectively address the safety and wellbeing of students in our care.

Student Protection Information

Cannon Hill Anglican College recognises that protecting students from harm and the risk of harm is fundamental. CHAC is committed to ensuring that the rights of children are upheld at the College and we therefore take safeguarding our students very seriously. Maximising student’s personal and academic potential is our priority and the welfare and best interest of our students will always be the primary consideration.

Our school recognises that child protection is everyone’s business and we encourage all members of our community, including staff, students, parents, volunteers and visitors, to understand child protection and play their part, if and when they need to.

Key student protection policies

Child safety codes of conduct

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