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Purchase College uniforms for students online

The Uniform Shop provides a friendly and caring environment for families to purchase College formal and sports uniforms. It is owned and operated under the management of the CHAC Parents and Friends’ Association (P&F) and is staffed by two part-time employees. All net proceeds from the Uniform Shop are used for College Building improvements and services required by the College, for the benefit of current and future students.

Parents can arrange for fittings and purchases at the shop as well as hat blocking, repair and cleaning at the end of each term. In addition, award embroidery on blazers can be organised through the shop.


Please read our FAQs for our uniform fitting and appointments process.
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Opening hours

The Uniform Shop is open Monday to Friday from 7.30am – 11.30am (during term time)

Uniform ordering can be completed online using the Flexischools App or website. First time users of Flexishools will need to register and set up an account.

Contact the Uniform Shop to Make an Appointment

Phone 07 3896 0479

Uniform Shop FAQs

Does everyone have to wear a uniform?

Yes—uniforms are compulsory at CHAC. Students are required to be in the appropriate regulation uniform items for their year group at all times, including travelling to and from school. The regulation uniform includes College bags, hair accessories, socks and shoes. Please read the CHAC Uniform Policy for further information.

At what year levels does the uniform change?

The regulation uniforms change at the following year levels—Prep, Year 3, Year 7 and Year 10. Year 12 students have a change to their tie only. Please note there are a number of uniform items which continue through at each level.

Where is the Uniform Shop?

The Uniform Shop has recently relocated to allow parents easy access from the main road. It is now situated in the College grounds (Building X on the College Map, halfway down Krupp Road).

Do I need to make a uniform appointment?

Yes—all new and continuing students entering Prep, Year 3, Year 7 and Year 10 require a uniform fitting appointment. For other years, students requiring multiple items or a size fitting for back-to school are also requested to make an appointment.

How do I make a uniform appointment?

All families—new and returning—will receive an email which will provide a booking link to Setmore.com—our online appointment scheduling provider.

Do the uniform fittings run on time?

Yes—scheduled appointments run on time. Unfortunately, if you are running late, the appointment will need to be rescheduled in order to avoid impacting further scheduled appointments.

Who should come to the uniform fitting?

It is essential that your student attends the fitting. They should be accompanied by only one parent or guardian due to the very limited size of the shop, in which multiple fittings are done at the same time.

What if I have more than one student to make an appointment for?

Please book a separate appointment for each student. It is advisable to book early, if you wish to secure concurrent appointments.

How long does a fitting take?

A fitting takes 30 minutes and is a very efficient and streamlined process, administered by permanent staff. The process can be further simplified by knowing your student’s shoe size (to determine sock sizes), and the quantity of each uniform item required.

Can I order online?

Yes. We strongly recommend an appointment to ensure your students are fitted into their uniforms correctly; however, any replacement items, accessories etc can be purchased online through Flexischools (the same site used for Canteen orders).

CHAC Uniform Policy

You can read the CHAC uniform policy here.

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