CHAC consistently performs at the top of the inter-school sporting table

CHAC is recognised as one of the most successful and most engaged Colleges in our inter-school sporting competition, The Associated Schools (TAS).

A commitment to training, teamwork and fostering talent, sees CHAC consistently competing to be the Number 1 Sport school in the TAS Competition.

Secondary Inter-school Sport

Secondary students participate in The Associated Schools (TAS) sporting competition, with training held at the College before or after the school day, and matches played on Saturday mornings. TAS competition matches take place in the first three terms (trimesters) of each year, as well as three Carnivals for Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics.

The College offers the following TAS Sports.

Trimester 1Cricket
Trimester 2Rugby
Cross Country
Trimester 3Basketball

Fixture timetables are here

Primary Inter-school Sport

Primary students participate in a Saturday morning inter-school competition in the Associated Schools Junior Competition (Junior TAS); a Brisbane-wide sporting competition involving 12 co-educational schools. CHAC students are also able to access District, Regional and State representations through the Lytton and Gateway Districts. Primary students participate in three CHAC and JTAS carnivals each year: Athletics, Cross Country and Swimming.

Fixture timetables are here

Representative Sport

Students who have a high skill level in a chosen sport may elect to trial at the District level. If successful in making a District team, the student would then compete at the Metropolitan East Regional level, and could progress to State level.

Further information can be found here

Sports Excellence Program

In Years 9 and 10, selected students who excel in the sporting arena may participate in a year-long study extension unit, to further extend their capabilities. The program is targeted at improving the fitness base and skills set of sport-minded individuals, with specific emphasis placed on those activities that are included within the TAS Sports Program. Concepts relating to optimising sports performance are included, as are areas such as human anatomy.

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