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CHAC have a staff member who manages the needs of CHAC Alumni day to day; including organising reunions and events, connecting alumni who are seeking mentoring relationships, distributing news and information, and sharing past student updates and stories with our community. CHAC Alumni are also supported by an dedicated advisory committee who assist with all of the above. If you would like to contact us please email:

Our mission is simple—to connect communities across the College, whether they be past students, past parents or past supporters.

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Meet our Alumni

Grace Paek (Class of 2018)

CHAC alumna Grace Paek never imagined she would find herself teaching. But this year, the accomplished pianist has returned to the College as a specialist music tutor, saying she’s delighted to contribute to a community that helped her flourish.

“This opportunity feels like my way of giving back to the College, and to express my gratitude for the wonderful experiences and opportunities I was provided,” Miss Paek said.

Since graduating, Grace has completed a Bachelor of Music (Honours) at the University of Queensland and has been awarded numerous prestigious prizes, including the UQ Burnett William Wendorff Memorial Prize for Classical Piano.

Armed with a wealth of experience, and tutored by one of the country’s leading pianists, Grace said returning to CHAC has been an opportunity to share this knowledge with students while reconnecting with the College’s supportive, nurturing community.

“I was thrilled to return as a staff member because I loved my experience as a CHAC student. I could not wait to offer the knowledge and skills I gained after leaving the College, and to pass this on to present and future students,” Miss Paek said.

Grace reflects on her time at CHAC with deep fondness and said the school’s values have left an indelible mark on her.

“The most valuable part of my CHAC education was the undying support and encouragement I received from my teachers and peers. I appreciated being involved in such a tight-knit community where everyone looked out for each other and was willing to provide any assistance,” she said.

“The education was great, and I learnt so much during my time at CHAC, but the journey would not have been as special and enjoyable without the close support system of friends and staff who were by my side every step of the way.

“I believe the College has helped shape me into the person I am today through the constant demonstration of care and compassion, and respect that thrived within the community.”

Grace tutors CHAC students in Years 2 to 11, and said she relishes the opportunity to combine her love of music and teaching at the College.

“I think my greatest personal success is reaching this full-circle moment in my life where I have finished all my studies and have found myself doing what I enjoy most: making music and teaching it – and teaching is something I never imagined myself doing,” she said.

“Getting to do it in an environment that provided me with some of the most memorable and joyous years of my life – memories that I will cherish for a very long time, is really rewarding.”

Jake Edwards (Class of 2013)

Jake Edwards is on a mission to help people reach their financial goals, large or small.

The CHAC alumnus is an investment adviser at a top Australian firm, and he said securing good results for his clients is what motivates him.

“I love being able to help people meet their financial goals – whether that’s helping a young person grow their wealth over time or assisting retirees protect the wealth they’ve worked so hard to create over the course of their life,” Jake said.

“I really value building relationships and trust over time with clients and making them feel comfortable with their investments and financial position in general. I work with a great team at Evans and Partners who inspire me to achieve the best outcomes for our clients every day.”

Jake said his interest in finance was sparked while he was a student at the College thanks to the guidance and encouragement of his accounting teacher.

“My interest in finance was definitely sparked by taking accounting with Mr Blake Russell,” Jake said.

“I initially didn’t know what I wanted to study at university, but I found the subject quite interesting, and I picked up a lot of the key concepts quite quickly. It also allowed me to complete a university course while in high school. This provided me with insight into the differences between high school and university, and it gave me a head start on completing my degrees.

“As a result, I have a dual degree in commerce and economics at UQ, majoring in finance.”

It wasn’t just the academic opportunities at the College that Jake says helped shape him. While at school, he was an avid footballer – a passion he continues to pursue – and Jake said the College’s approach to offering a well-rounded experience to students is something he still values.

“One of my fondest memories from my time at CHAC was playing in the First XI Football team for a number of years. The experience of playing with my mates for the College is something that I won’t forget and has led to my continued interest in social sport. The friends that I made at the College are still some of my closest today and I still play football with some of my former teammates from a number of different cohorts.

I believe the most valuable part of my education at CHAC was the learning environment that the College fosters. Both the guidance provided by the teachers and the excellent facilities at the College allow students to pursue their personal interests. I was able to take a range of subjects that I not only enjoyed, but that also challenged me on a daily basis.

“The lessons learnt were invaluable moving into university and beyond.”

Jake continues to stay connected to the College through the CHAC Foundation and attended the recent CHAC Talk panel discussion with Emeritus Professor Ian Frazer AC.

It’s great to see the ongoing development of CHAC, whilst seeing it maintain the same values and feel that it had during my time at the College 10 years ago. I recently had the pleasure of attending the CHAC Talk with Emeritus Professor Ian Frazer AC. It was great getting to hear him and the accompanying panel speak, while also getting to come back to the College and walk through the grounds and speak with former staff and members of the community.

I would like to see the College continue to grow, while staying true to why my time there was so enjoyable. It’s great to see the green spaces that make the school so unique maintained despite the school continuing to expand and enhance its facilities.

“The community around CHAC is what makes it a special place, and I love seeing that continue to prosper.”

Jake can be contacted via Evans and Partners – Evans and Partners | Wealth Management

Maxi Mossman (Class of  2020)

Maxi Mossman’s debut show A Drop Too Many received great acclaim when it premiered to audiences during Brisbane’s renowned Anywhere Festival earlier this year.

Voted the most popular show in the second week of the annual three-week theatre event for emerging artists, Maxi’s contemporary play explores the impact of Australia’s extreme climate on communities through the devices of poetry, Japanese Butoh, verbatim stories, and physical and visual theatre.

Set in the College’s wetlands, A Drop Too Many weaves together real stories and experiences of flood and drought, exploring the human response to natural disasters.

Maxi was CHAC’s 2020 Arts Ambassador, and said she chose the wetlands as the setting because its natural beauty would enhance the telling of her story and because of the role the College played in her development as an artist.

“CHAC is a space where every student is nurtured and encouraged to pursue their passion, whether that be music, sport, art, science, or humanities. This constant openness and support allowed me to grow confidence as an individual and creative,” Maxi said.

“The CHAC wetlands themselves were a constant source of inspiration and connection throughout school, especially in a creative context. The College’s bush setting played a crucial role in the production as the raw, rustic, natural beauty of the location truly brought the show to life.

“While the physical environment of CHAC was a joy to be in, it was the staff who made my high school experience so valuable. In particular, the Arts staff (Colleen Boyle, Jennifer Chaplin, Carmel Mungavin, Justin Leegwater, and Tammy McCarthy) played a crucial role in my development as a creative. They provided a space for me to experiment and play, while offering guidance and integral feedback and support.”

Inspired by the devastating weather events in Australia over the past few years, Maxi said the motivation behind A Drop Too Many was personal.

“My extended family are from rural New South Wales, and growing up, visiting them felt like going home – like visiting my roots. As a kid, I’d visit family member’s properties, go camping on the banks of the Murrumbidgee River, and wander the streets of the regional town. These experiences are what heightened my appreciation of Australia’s environment and sense of community,” she said.

“Each year my family and I would drive down the east coast and it was so shocking to see the climatic extremes.

“We had years when dust would blow up behind our car, when bushfires were threatening locals, and when roads were being closed behind us due to floodwaters rising rapidly.

“I think Australia is one of the most beautiful, ragged, harsh, and overwhelming countries, but it’s the stoicism and kindness of the people that make me proud to be Australian.”

“I hope that urban audiences were able to bear witness to the strength and resilience of Australians, see the true impact and struggle of rural communities, and perhaps connect a little with the people in the bush who keep our nation going.”

Maxi is currently studying a Bachelor of Creative Industries (Drama) at QUT while training and performing with Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre company. Following the success of A Drop Too Many, she said she hopes to extend the show.

“I am taking a small break before looking into visiting drought and flood affected communities, with the intention of strengthening and extending the show. I hope to produce the work again in the future and would love to see how far it can go,” Maxi said.

“I’d love to create more works that combine different facets of the creative industries, to create moving, sensory, alive artistic experiences for audiences to immerse themselves in – bringing together the worlds of music, art, and theatre to create worlds of rich experiences.

“As a link to my family, a main goal for me is to somehow share unique art with regional Australian communities. I’d love to make contemporary theatre accessible to rural communities, especially rural students, and show how the different facets of the arts can intersect.”

Isaac Farrell (Class of 2016)

It was a pivotal mid-year conversation with his Year 12 maths teachers that changed the course of CHAC alumnus Isaac Farrell’s future career. Now, the Boeing Data Scientist is involved in ground-breaking Australian defence programs that see him contribute to national technological advancements.

“Midway through Year 12, I had a meaningful conversation with my then Maths C teacher Mr O’Brien, and Mr Andrews. They recommended that I consider a career in mathematics instead of pursuing my initial plan of studying physiotherapy,” Isaac said.

“Taking their advice turned out to be the best decision I could’ve made for my future. Since then, my passion for studying and working in mathematics has only grown stronger, and I’m incredibly grateful for their guidance and the opportunities CHAC provided me with.”

Isaac completed a dual degree at QUT majoring in mathematics and finance, and has found fulfilling opportunities to combine his interest in sport and mathematics.

“One of my most significant personal accomplishments has been working at AFL games as part of Champion Data, the official statistics partner. This opportunity has been a lifelong goal of mine, as it allows me to merge my two passions into one fulfilling career.

“The combination of my love for sports and analytical skills has contributed to the ongoing growth and success of the sport. Managing my time effectively between this role and my full-time career has been made possible by the valuable skills (particularly time management) I developed during my time at CHAC.”

Isaac said his CHAC education was formative in his academic and personal development.

The most valuable part of my CHAC education was the emphasis on achieving a balance between multiple areas of interest. CHAC recognised the importance of holistic development, fostering an environment where my love of both academics and athletics were encouraged and supported,” Isaac said.

“This balance allowed me to not only excel academically but also cultivate important skills such as discipline, time management, and teamwork through my participation in sports, preparing me for future challenges in both my professional and personal life.”

Isaac remains connected to the College, and said he watches CHAC’s progress with pride.

As someone who actively participated in CHAC sports, I have been thrilled to witness the remarkable success the school has achieved within the TAS competition. Inter-school sports hold a pivotal role in high school, not only fostering teamwork and promoting physical fitness but also cultivating a strong sense of camaraderie among students.

“The advancements the school has made within the sporting arena will continue to significantly contribute to the overall development of all students.”

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