Preparing students for life after CHAC with courage and compassion

The Secondary education offering at CHAC is a comprehensive program from Years 7 to 12 with specific Junior Secondary and Senior Secondary phases and precincts to cater for the different development stages and needs of our adolescents and youth. We aspire students to be confident in their abilities, be world and work ready  and keen to contribute to the betterment of the world.

Junior Secondary

As our Year 7 students negotiate the transition into Secondary, a significant period in a young person’s life, they will experience more personal change than at any other time of their lives. Because the rate of development and interests of students in Years 7 to 9 can vary enormously, we continue to refine, develop and implement structures, systems, policies and programs which are mindful of their unique developmental needs.

Our secondary curriculum and pastoral care programs are mindful of addressing individual needs, as well as the issues that traditionally impact on these pivotal years of learning – motivation, engagement, and changing relationship dynamics.
Research suggests that it is through the creation of engaging and developmentally-appropriate learning experiences that the students are best placed to continue the development of lifelong learning attributes, not only to facilitate their transition into Senior Secondary but ultimately into contemporary post-school society.

Junior Secondary students learn in the purpose-designed Junior Secondary Precinct. It provides a facility that harnesses the benefits of natural light and the calm and tranquillity of CHAC’s existing landscape. Learning spaces are open and flexible, to promote the engagement and motivation previously referenced.

Year 7 Orientation Camp

With so many new students joining the College, the 3-day Year 7 Orientation Camp takes place in the second week of the new school year, and presents the perfect opportunity to challenge one another and forge new friendships.

Led by the Year 9 Junior Secondary Mentors (who are appointed each year to assist Year 7 students in their transition to Secondary School), campers are able to overcome the challenges posed by these new activities and came away from them with a sense of accomplishment.

Senior Secondary

We strive for resilient Senior Secondary students who are happy, articulate, collaborative, academically empowered and socially responsible young adults who — as life-long learners — will lead purposeful, balanced and fulfilling lives, contributing positively and responsibly to the global village.

Year 10 students are strongly encouraged to start to focus on elective subjects that are relevant to their chosen pathway. The College supports and mentors students on issues of organisation and study-discipline, as they set a course through their final years of schooling.

The College places a strong emphasis on the importance of a balanced life as students strive to balance out their academic and extracurricular aspirations, their commitment to serve the College Community in leadership roles, their need to be part of friendship and family groups, and to earn money in student jobs. Years 10, 11 and 12 are an important time for students to continue to develop an understanding of how and where they fit into the world around them and how they can best contribute.

Off-site camps are available to students in Years 9 and 11, to further their educational and life experience.

These final three years are an exciting milestone, and the positive, caring, supportive and respectful bonds that exist between staff and students, and the memories created in the process, are precious.

Alternate Pathways

CHAC supports students who choose to follow vocational education and training (VET) pathways in Years 11 and 12. VET programs are developed by industry and aim to provide students with the knowledge and skills they require in order to make successful transitions to full-time apprenticeships or paraprofessional work post school. School-based apprenticeships and traineeships are structured employment based programs that are formalised by legally binding employer/employee training contracts.

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