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CHAC students develop service mindsets through social justice participation

Social justice plays a key role in the life of students at CHAC.  Through the work of Diakonos, an umbrella organisation responsible for coordination of the College’s response to Social Justice issues, it provides young people with an opportunity to work together at CHAC in support of a range of service activities.

Each year the College celebrates its achievements in this area of ministry the week prior to St Clare’s Day (11 August). Social Justice Week includes the launch of a service activity or appeal, a Social Justice Celebration Service and concludes with the Social Justice Breakfast.

Other activities which students participate in include:

  • 40 Hour Famine
  • Shave for a Cure
  • Rosies Street Outreach Program
  • Global Leaders Convention
  • Amnesty International: Activate Conference
  • Youth off the Streets Convention, ACU
  • Sponsor a Child (World Vision)
  • UN Women.

Student members of Diakonos will take leadership roles in these activities.

Environment Committee

CHAC’s Environment Committee is made up of committed students and staff who act as a vital link to encourage participation from all members of the College and wider community in promoting environmental understanding and sustainability amongst all members of the College community; and to develop strategies to continue the rehabilitation and maintenance of the wetlands. In addition to committee members, many other CHAC students regularly offer assistance at our various tree planting days, clean up days, recycling program and more.

Boys’ Committee

The Boys’ Committee comprises students from Years 7 to 12 and a team of dedicated teachers. It aims to encourage success amongst our boys by improving learning and literacy standards, developing positive self-esteem and providing opportunities for showing leadership. Projects instigated by the Boys’ Committee include:

  • Boys for Success Breakfast
  • Table Tennis, Touch Football games (against staff; between year levels) and Cross-country training and participation in the Bridge to Brisbane Fun Run
  • Student Forums
  • Student-directed panels and visiting guest speakers deal with such issues as relationships, self-esteem, and stress.
  • Reading for Pleasure
  • Workshops for encouraging reading incorporate reading opportunities between the senior and junior boys and committed staff.
  • Annual survey of boys’ interests, issues and concerns.

Girls’ Committee

The Girls’ Committee comprises staff and students and aims to identify and address girls’ educational and lifestyle issues and to provide girls an opportunity to be heard within the College. Some of the Committee’s initiatives have included:

  • Celebrating International Women’s Day
  • Mentoring Afternoon
  • Student Forums
  • Fundraising for Breast Cancer Research/Zonta
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