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Keeping our nearest neighbours connected to what is going on at CHAC

CHAC is proud to partner with the community through a variety of service activities and initiatives. Community connectedness is vital to the health of our College, and as part of our community focus, we value our relationships with our nearest residential neighbours.

The College understands issues may arise for nearby residents of our College due to the volume of traffic and other factors related to the operation of the College.

The College calendar is updated regularly to ensure our neighbours are aware of events and activities that may cause disruption. We also endeavour to lessen any inconvenience by providing pre-event parking information to parents and visitors, parking signage on the day of events and, in some cases, letterbox drops to residents.

Please keep an eye on our College calendar for details of upcoming events and home games.

If you have any concerns or issues you would like to raise with the College, please phone 07 3896 0444.

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