Propelling CHAC students to new levels of learning innovation

At Cannon Hill Anglican College there is a learning culture around the concept of entrepreneurship. We provide the curriculum and programs for students to be curious and creative and help drive catalysts for innovation in their ideas and work. We also have a purpose-built facility – the Enterprise Centre – created to enable autonomous work, teamwork and capacity for students to showcase their ideas to the school community.

The Enterprise Centre is designed to foster entrepreneurship and be the bridge between Secondary school, tertiary education and local and global economies. It is intended to be a place of creativity and innovation, with students experiencing the challenges and pressures of working in diverse teams, often put together to solve a problem or build a start-up.

Such a centre is at the forefront of addressing the challenges facing current and future students to craft their own businesses and careers; to develop their own competitive advantage and brand. It will be both multi and cross-disciplinary, connecting Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) and innovation agendas through various technologies.

This 21st century teaching and learning facility is a two-storey connected suite of learning spaces including:

  • three new Science laboratories
  • a fourth flexible STEM learning space
  • two Business learning spaces
  • two STEAM Enterprise laboratories, one with mezzanine
  • Hospitality Training Centre.

The Enterprise Centre is home to a number of special programs aimed at helping develop 21st century skills in our students. All Year 5-10 students participate annually in an Enterprise Program over several days, progressively building future-focused skills and knowledge necessary for success now and into the future.

Gifted Education at CHAC

CHAC’s highly successful Gifted Education program seeks to identify gifted students and encourage and extend their development in areas of special interest or ability through a range of provisions including extension, acceleration or ability cluster grouping, withdrawal groups, special electives, co-curricular activities, special projects and entry in individual and team competitions. Such a broad-based approach aims to stimulate students’ passion for learning and encourage optimal achievement.

Gifted Education at CHAC provides specialist programs for students capable of achieving at very high levels in one or more aspects of the College curriculum. In particular, we offer a well-established acceleration pathway in Mathematics in both Junior and Senior Secondary, an Exceptional Scientists Program and Extension Writing classes in English. Accelerated students who finish a subject at the end of Year 11 are then able to further extend themselves by tackling such challenges as studying a university subject, preparing for the University Medical Admissions Test or selecting studies in Music Extension.

Outside the classroom, we support and encourage the involvement of many enthusiastic students in an array of exciting extra-curricular activities and have experienced stellar success in state and national competitions in recent years. Extension and enrichment opportunities at the College include Debating, Public Speaking, Ethics Olympiad, Opti-minds, the da Vinci Decathlon Academic Challenge, writing competitions, Science and Maths competitions, the World Scholars Cup, the Australian Space Design Competition, as well as College Music, Drama and Art initiatives.

Clubs and Other Opportunities:

The College offers a number of clubs and other opportunities including:

  • Coding and Robotics Club
  • Optiminds
  • Da Vinci Decathlon
  • Ethics Olympiad
  • Public Speaking
  • Debating
  • Mathematics Team Challenge
  • Science Club (see below)
  • Environment Club
  • Australian Space Design Competition