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Through a mix of leading curriculum and co-curricular activities students at CHAC are world and work ready

A typical day for a student at Cannon Hill Anglican College is exciting and varied and full of opportunities. From robotics to music tuition, an entrepreneurship project to volleyball trials, debating to rehabilitating our wetlands and more, students can extend their skills and abilities. Challenging, innovative, exploratory and fun! This is what a CHAC education looks like.


Students at CHAC benefit from one campus for the entire P-12 education yet are afforded the opportunities and specialisations of early learning, Primary, Junior Secondary and Secondary educators, activities and programs.

Here at CHAC students benefit from everything you would expect of a leading private school education. They have access to award-winning educators, leadership opportunities,  learning extension and gifted programs, specialist coaches and mentors, exciting programs and state-of-the art facilities.

At CHAC, all students are part of a College House and this is a fundamental pastoral structure within the College as well as fostering school spirit and a sense of inclusiveness. In particular the vertical Homeroom structure (Years 7 to 12) is an integral part of House organisation as it provides an encouraging, supportive, yet challenging environment in which students, staff and parents work collaboratively together. Primary students are allocated a House group whilst their Homeroom grouping is based on their class group.

CHAC students are immersed in a technology-rich learning environment, benefiting from a College-wide wireless network, state of the art infrastructure and learning management system and the provision of tablet technology for every Year 7-12 student.

Underpinning all of this is the fostering of academic rigour through challenging curriculum across our P-12 education. The results for our students are often transformative, and this can be demonstrated by our outstanding academic outcomes. CHAC also offers an intensive pastoral care program and balanced extra-curricular activities across a range of areas:

  • Outdoor education – camps and tours
  • Social justice
  • Performance Music
  • The Arts
  • Sport
  • Entrepreneurship
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