Five visionary Principals have led Cannon Hill Anglican College

The seeds of Cannon Hill Anglican College were first planted by a group of enthusiastic, visionary and determined educators and community members, who first gathered on 15 April 1987 to discuss the concept of new private co-educational college.

Two years later, in 1989, the College opened its doors with 79 students and three buildings, and since that time, has become a positive influence on the lives of thousands of people.

In 1994, the College became an Anglican school in the Diocese of Brisbane. This union further strengthened the College’s philosophy of offering a balanced approach to education encompassing the holistic development of the whole person: intellectual, social, physical, emotional, aesthetic and spiritual.

Since its journey began, Cannon Hill Anglican College has had the privilege of being led by five visionary Principals: Mr Rod Wells, the College Founder, Ms Suzanne Bain, Mr Greg Wain, Mrs Robyn Bell, and current Principal Mr Gary O’Brien, who commenced the role in January 2019.

Cannon Hill Anglican College now caters for over 1300 students from Prep to Year 12. Those values on which the College was founded – vision, innovation, courage, determination and a strong sense of community and compassion – remain central to College life today, and will continue to inspire its further progress.

Our Guiding Framework

Cannon Hill Anglican College – distinctively innovative, successful and sustainable Anglican co-education.

Cannon Hill Anglican College is a dynamic Christian learning community which strives to offer a balanced and holistic educational environment, in order to develop the intellectual, social, physical, emotional, aesthetic and spiritual dimensions of each of its members.

Cannon Hill Anglican College is based on the principles and traditions of the Anglican Church and fosters among its students, staff and parents a lifestyle based on Christian values. These principles are outlined in the Summary Ethos Statement for Anglican Schools in the Province of Queensland. As learning communities of excellence, Anglican Schools in the Diocese of Brisbane are called to share the mission of the church to proclaim the good news of the kingdom of God through: Faith, Vocation and Service.

With courage and compassion