Learning Offering

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The learning offering at CHAC is extensive, balanced and supported through pastoral care

Students can complete a seamless P-12 learning journey at CHAC on our beautiful wetlands campus.

Prep students at CHAC commence their foundations in a secure and safe precinct and go on to complete Primary School in a dynamic environment with specialist educators, a rich curriculum and numerous opportunities in extra curricular programs and activities.

Secondary School at CHAC is purposefully designed to accommodate the Junior School phase and Senior School stage of personal and academic development of our students.

The curriculum opportunities at CHAC are diverse with students accessing subjects across English, Humanities, Social Sciences, the Arts, Languages, Health and Physical Education, Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM), Industrial Technology and Design and a range of Vocational Education offerings.

Academic Results at CHAC are well above the national average with students excelling in NAPLAN and ATAR results as well as gifted education programs and competitions.

Pastoral Care at CHAC is comprehensively embedded in everything we do across student management, learning and personal development.

Students at CHAC benefit from a technology-rich learning environment and the additional educational stimulus provided by camps and tours. There are also student leadership roles available from Years 6 to 12.

Parent partnerships are fostered through progress reporting twice a year.

Camps and Tours

Outdoor educational experiences, or camps, form a valuable part of the broad based educational experience as they offer students a wide variety of opportunities for challenge and growth socially, emotionally, intellectually and physically. They are developed to age-appropriately take students outside of their comfort zones by exposing them to situations that require a combination of calculated risk-taking, lateral thinking, teamwork and physical determination. They also allow staff and students to interact and form relationships in settings outside of the classroom. CHAC’s tuition fees include the costs of participation in our non-voluntary camps. Other experiences are also available, such as the French Tour, our Music Tour and the Senior Biology Tour.

Student Leadership Opportunities

Positive student leadership opportunities and experiences at school assist young adults to transition into the community and the world of work and adult responsibility. As such, developing the skills and abilities that are central to successful leadership is an important part of the education process at Cannon Hill Anglican College.

The concept of servant leadership is core to the leadership program, requiring student leaders to serve the school community and focus on meeting the needs of those that they lead. In addition, leaders need to provide inspiration for others and act as quality role models in setting the standards for behaviour, attitude, academic application and personal appearance.

Student leadership development involves both formal instruction and the provision of opportunities to practise leadership skills within a supportive learning environment. These skills include project planning, self-reflection, problem solving, team building, decision making, goal setting, public speaking, time management, effective communication, project management and delegation.

Progress Reporting

Communication between staff, students and parents is strongly encouraged by the College; as such, staff will often contact parents when concerns arise and likewise parents are encouraged to contact individual staff members when they have questions or concerns. Reports are provided at the end of each Semester with parent teacher interviews conducted in Terms 1 and 3 for Primary School, and interim reports provided in Secondary School.

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