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Gifted and Enterprise Education

Science at CHACCannon Hill Anglican College is proud of its highly successful Gifted Education Program, focused on developing the special abilities of our students. The College is committed to optimising every student’s educational outcomes and to developing critical, creative and reflective thinkers and problem-solvers, contributing to the well-being of society. We therefore seek to nurture the special talents of gifted students, and strive to provide challenge within a supportive environment.

CHAC’s highly successful Gifted Education programme seeks to identify gifted students and encourage and extend their development in areas of special interest or ability through a range of provisions including extension, acceleration or ability cluster grouping in certain subjects, withdrawal groups, special electives, co-curricular activities, special projects and entry in individual and team competitions. Such a broad-based approach aims to stimulate students’ passion for learning and encourage optimal achievement.

The development of programs for gifted and talented students is both a response to a need, as well as an example of the College keeping abreast of both State and Federal Education policy. There is a growing recognition in education circles that talented academic students form a special needs group in our schools. Boredom, frustration and underachievement are possible outcomes for any student when their needs are not met by the education process, and talented academic students are no exception. By creating a structure that acknowledges and addresses the needs of gifted students, the College is addressing an educational responsibility and is remaining true to its mission to provide opportunities for all students to develop to their full potential.

Gifted Education

Our Gifted Program aims to:

  • Identify students who would potentially benefit from participation in the program and establish a "peer group" of like-minded and motivated students.
  • Offer a range of academic extension opportunities through the curriculum, suited to individual students' maturity and academic potential.
  • Involve CHAC students in workshops, competitions and extension activities offered by community, educational and professional organisations.
  • Offer a broad range of extra-curricular activities and opportunities to help develop the broad range of “gifts” in our students.
  • Create a communication network between the College, gifted students, their parents and the wider community.
  • Provide support services such as counselling, mentoring, and advocacy to monitor the welfare and holistic growth of students involved in the Gifted Program.
  • Provide educational leadership in Gifted Education.

Gifted Education at CHAC provides specialist programs for students capable of achieving at very high levels in one or more aspects of the College curriculum. In particular, we offer a well-established acceleration pathway in Mathematics in both Junior and Senior Secondary, an Exceptional Scientists Program and Extension Writing classes in English. Accelerated students who finish a subject at the end of Year 11 are then able to further extend themselves by tackling such challenges as studying a university subject, preparing for the University Medical Admissions Test or selecting studies in Music Extension.

Outside the classroom, we support and encourage the involvement of many enthusiastic students in an array of exciting extra-curricular activities and have experienced stellar success in state and national competitions in recent years. Extension and enrichment opportunities at the College include Debating, Public Speaking, Ethics Olympiad, Opti-minds, the da Vinci Decathlon Academic Challenge, writing competitions, Science and Maths competitions, the World Scholars Cup, the Australian Space Design Competition, as well as College Music, Drama and Art initiatives.

In this way, the Gifted Education Program continues to increase its reach across the student body, offering opportunities for students to discover their “gifts” and extend their skills in a range of areas of naturally high potential. These dual principles of “breadth” and “excellence” underpin our consistently evolving program, and endeavour to interest and excite our young people..

Enterprise Education

Our brand new Enterprise Centre is home to a number of special programs aimed at helping develop 21st century skills in our students. All Year 5-10 students participate annually in an Enterprise Program over several days, progressively building future-focused skills and knowledge necessary for success now and into the future. 

Future-focused Innovation

The CHAC Enterprise Centre spaces have been designed to optimise the development of vital 21st Century skills in our students - creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration – as they pursue an innovative curriculum.

Fostering Entrepreneurship

Our students will be challenged to work in teams, solve problems and craft their own business ideas, aiming to improve the world in which they live.

Building Networks

We aim to share knowledge and build real world network connections to help generate innovative approaches to existing problems and to create an entrepreneurial culture.

We want our students to believe that they can make a difference to the world in which they live.

Barbara Mossman - Gifted and Enterprise Education Coordinator

A vital principle underpinning the Enterprise Centre is the need to present our students with authentic learning experiences. CHAC is a dynamic and innovative learning community that embraces opportunities to nurture students’ creativity and entrepreneurship.