CHACpreneurs 2022

Young minds. Big Ideas.

After weeks of planning, production and marketing, the moment has arrived!  Browse through the products below, watch the sales pitches and show your support of our Year 6 CHACPreneurs by purchasing as many products as you can.

All profits from the sale of these products are split 50/50 between the students that created them and Mater Little Miracles charity.

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Slither and Shine | Snakeskin Keychains

Snakeskin Keychains

We are Slither and Shine, and we sell snakeskin keychains. It all started when Evie started a Snakeskin Necklace business. We all loved it and decided to turn those necklaces into keychains to make them more practical.

These keychains have Gold/silver backings and come in the colours of green and blue fade, and red and orange fade. They also come in the shapes of teardrop, square, circle, and love hearts. They also have wooden beads to add to the look. They even have real snakeskin inside.

Styles available:


  • Red Orange
  • Blue Green


  • Red Orange
  • Green Blue


  • Red Orange
  • Blue Green


  • Red Orange
  • Blue Green

$5 each

Purchase from the CHACpreneurs store here.

EnchantriX | Fantasy Jars

Fantasy Jars

We wanted to create a product that allowed children to have stylish, imaginative and magical decorations that not only sat and looked pretty, but also has a purpose. Therefore, we created EnchantriX. We make quality home decor that lights up your life.

Our product is a jar with fantasy items inside. Our jar includes a fake mushroom, a wooden tepee made with real items from the environment, and an electric candle on the underside of the lid.

$7 each

Purchase from the CHACpreneurs store here.

Fizz Queens | Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs

Hi, our names are Nina, Sophie, Elliette and Isabel. We are all 11 years old and are in 6A. We love bath bombs. We have 4 colours that come with scents, and they include, Pink for Rose, Blue for Vanilla, Green for Lime, and Purple for Ylang-Ylang.

Scents available

  • Luscious Lime
  • Relaxing Rose
  • Very Vanilla
  • Yummy Ylang

You can choose to have glitter on the top or not.

Ingredients: McKenzie Bi-Carb Soda, Woolworths Cornflour, Citric Acid, Water, Wayan 100% Vegan Gel Food Colouring, Essential Oils, Queen Madagascar Vanilla Extract, Coconut Oil and Help@Hand Epsom Salts.

$5.99 each

Purchase from the CHACpreneurs store here.

Sky-High Plants | Golden pot succulents

Golden pot succulents

Hai! We’re Emile, Matthew, Isla, and Sophia; The founders of Sky-High Plants! We are 4 accomplished green thumbs. We are constantly in the garden; planting, watering, and caring for our plants. As a small business we are always trying to improve our Products and Services. Here at Sky-High Plants every Pot has a gold lining!

Gold-rimmed pots in which rich black compost has been bedded and our home-grown succulents live.

Each succulent comes with a short introduction, name, birthdate, and packaging.

$10 each

Purchase from the CHACpreneurs store here.

Perfect Smile | Vegan Lip Balm

Vegan Lip Balm

We are four grade six girls, and our names are Eliza, Sarika, Ayla, and Zoe and together we started the business Perfect Smile. We sell authentic, organic, homemade, vegan lip balm in four fantastically fun flavours. We want to make sure that it is easy to smile during winter, and we can help you by preventing chapped, sore lips. Our lip balm is UNBEE-lievably good!

Flavoured vegan friendly lip balm packaged in pots, 10g in each.


  • Candelilla wax
  • Castor oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Almond oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • Vitamin E (synthetic)
  • Lip safe mica powder
  • Flavour oils


  • Bubblegum
  • Peaches ‘n’ Cream
  • Vanilla
  • Unscented

$4.50 each

Purchase from the CHACpreneurs store here.

Travel with Style | Personalised luggage tags

Personalised luggage tags

We are four boys from year 6B, our names are Liam, Avimann, Gus and Tom and we are the creators of a business called Travel with Style. We sell customisable luggage tags; however, the name can be deceiving. They can be put on all types of luggage including suitcases, back backs and even school bags. These tags are made customisable by putting your initials on it.

These tags are made customisable by putting your initials on it, and it comes in eight different.

Colours available:

  • Cotton Candy – Pink
  • Fire – Red
  • Desert – Orange
  • Ocean – Blue
  • Mustard – Yellow
  • Night sky – Black
  • Cloud: White
  • Lavender – Purple

$6 each

Purchase from the CHACpreneurs store here.

DoorSloths | Slothie Hangers

Slothie Hangers

We are DoorSloths. We are a small business selling sloth themed doorknob hangers. The founders of our business are Henry, Eamon, Elise, and Liam. Our doorknob hangers are to help voice people’s emotions without them having to step through their bedroom door. For example, we know it is hard to tell people you’re angry when you’re furiously raging. Our products tell the story at the flick of a switch.

DoorSloths are making quality doorknob hangers with beautiful images on the front and back which will light up any grey room with amazing and funny text. From sleeping in, to intense gaming messages, we have got it all.


  • Hanging in There/Come in and Party
  • Meeting/Relaxing
  • Gaming/Angry
  • Not Going To/Sleeping

$3 each

Purchase from the CHACpreneurs store here.

Work’a Beez Lip Balm | Beeswax Lip Balm

Beeswax Lip Balm

Our group is called Work’a Beez Lip Balm and our names are Joseph McAlister, Ashton Samson-Wood, Andy Humphreys and Cormac Clowes. Our Lip Balm is good quality and is made with pure beeswax. We have added Vitamin E to protect your skin. And remember, every beeswax lip balm is made with buzz.

These lip balms are all organic and made of pure beeswax. It is good quality and we have added Vitamin E to protect your skin.


  • 50g Shea Butter
  • 50g Carrier Oil
  • 30g Beeswax

WARNING: This product contains Beeswax.

Essential Oils/Scents:

  • Dreamy Orange (Orange and Lavender)
  • Citrusy Fun (Lemon and Lime)
  • Natural Honey (Beeswax)
  • Minty Fresh (Spearmint)

$5 each.

Purchase from the CHACpreneurs store here.

Happy Rocks | Hand painted rocks with a happy message

 Hand painted rocks with a happy message

We are Josephine, Edie, Sienna, and Isobel and are the founders of Happy Rocks. We are 11 and 12 years old and we are trying to solve the problem of people not being happy. So, we are putting kind messages in with a beautiful handmade rock to brighten people’s day.

Acrylic paint is on this product.

Each rock has a  unique design in your colour choice.

Colour options

  • Pink
  • Green
  • Blue

$4 each

Purchase from the CHACpreneurs store here.

FUNKEYZ | Funky Fruits Goofy Glitter Fantastic Flowers

Funky Fruits | Goofy Glitter | Fantastic Flowers


We are a group of young entrepreneurs learning how to run a business and make a profit. We are selling high quality resin keychains which can be customised into whatever you want.

In our product we are using a durable high-quality materiel called Epoxy Resin. Inside the Epoxy Resin we are putting fake flowers, mini polymer clay fruits, and gold glitter. Then with the keychains we are using silver chains and silver split jump rings that are very good quality, so they won’t break or fall off.

With our products you can customise your own keychain. First, you pick your letter and then you get to pick your filling to put inside the keychain you can choose from Funky fruits, Fantastic flower or Goofy glitter. You can get any letter in any design, and they will be durable and long lasting.

Range and Prices

  • Fantastic Flowers (Artificial Flowers)
  • Goofy Glitter (Gold Glitter)
  • Funky fruits (Mini Fruits)

$6.50 each

Purchase from the CHACpreneurs store here.

Candles In Cans

Candles In Cans

Hi we’re Candles In Cans and we’re selling candles in recycled cans. Our business has 4 members Micah, Emmanuel, Toby, and George. Some of our hobbies are sport, video games, origami, listening to music, and we especially love keeping the environment clean. Which is my we decided to make our candles recycled.

Our candles are made with soy wax. These candles come in 2 different sizes small and large. There are 3 different scents, eucalyptus, musk, and cinnamon. The large candles cost $8 each, and the small ones cost $3.50 each. Even though the cans are made of metal they do not overheat.

Scents Available

  • Eucalyptus
  • Musk
  • Cinnamon

Small $3.50

Large $8

Purchase from the CHACpreneurs store here.

J.J.S.O T-Shirts | Customized T-shirt

Customized T-shirt

We are Juzzi, Jacob, Sam, and Oliver and together we are J.J.S.O. T-Shirts. We make cool customised T-Shirts for only $10. We are making these T-Shirts with a quirky fashionable design, and we are even donating 50% of our profit to a worthy charity.

Our T-shirts are made with an iron transfer paper. There are 4 kid’s sizes: 8, 10, 12 and 14 with two shirt designs, one is a WOW design and the second is a donut saying, “Please Donut eat me!”.

Sizes and designs available

Please Donut Eat Me
(Size 8, 10, 12, 14)

(Size 8, 10, 12, 14)

$10 each

Purchase from the CHACpreneurs store here.

Stop Stressin’ | Stress Balls

Stress Balls

We are Luke, Ashton, Zac and Ritthesh and we chose to go with stress balls because we don’t want anyone stressing about anything. Since we don’t want anyone stressing, we named ourselves Stop Stressin’.

We use flour and rice inside the balloons and triple layer them to ensure a strong stress ball, but it still gets rid of your stress and has a satisfying squeeze.

Pink, red, blues, orange and yellow and we will make sure the colour combos look good and that it is the ultimate stress relief toy.

$3 each

Purchase from the CHACpreneurs store here.

Inkwell Designs | Octo-fidgets


Our names are Lata, Mikah, Holly and Eliza and together we are Inkwell Designs. Inkwell Designs has been working hard to create a toy that is reasonably priced and perfect for kids, made by kids and tested by kids. We want to inspire children to be creative with their octopus toy by giving them a box that can double as a house for the octo-fidget.

Our octo-fidgets have eight moveable legs, adorable facial features and a million different ways to cure your boredom. They come in 3 colour options such as coral pink, ocean blue and glow in the dark green. Packaging includes an under the sea themed house design on the back and our logo on the top.

Please ask for permission from your homeroom teacher before using in class. Do not drop 3 metres onto hard surfaces.

Prices and colour options

  • Ocean Blue $6
  • Coral Pink $6
  • Glow In the Dark Green $8

Purchase from the CHACpreneurs store here.

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