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Academic Results

CHAC has developed a strong academic tradition, with excellent performance across the Queensland ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank), NAPLAN testing, external academic competitions, and considerable student participation in accelerated programs.

Year 12 ATAR outcomes


99 or above 95 or above 90 or above
2020  6%  24.8%  43.6%

Year 12 OP outcomes

Year OP1 OP1 to OP5 OP1 to OP10 OP1 to OP15
2019 10.80% 47.30% 81.10% 98.60%
2018 10.3% 41.1% 75.7% 96.3%
2017  4.4%  34.3%  69.3% 91.2% 
2016  6.4% 36%   73.6%  96%
2015   37.6% 79.2%  98.4% 

2019 NAPLAN results

Note that the NAPLAN will not proceed in 2020 as advised by the Queensland State Government on March 20, 2020.

Category CHAC Average QLD Average % Above State Average National Average % Above
National Average
Year 3          
Reading 512 425 20.5% 432 18.5%
Writing 439 412 6.6% 423 3.8%
Spelling 458 410 11.7% 419 9.3%
Grammar and Punctuation 490 431 13.7% 440 11.4%
Numeracy 464 397 16.9% 408 13.7%
Year 5          
Reading 571 502 13.7% 506 12.8%
Writing 523 464 12.7% 474 10.3%
Spelling 552 495 11.5% 501 10.2%
Grammar and Punctuation 579 496 16.7% 499 16.0%
Numeracy 544 491 10.8% 496 9.7%
Year 7          
Reading 601 543 10.7% 546 10.1%
Writing 558 502 11.2% 513 8.8%
Spelling 575 542 6.1% 546 5.3%
Grammar and Punctuation 612 540 13.3% 542 12.9%
Numeracy 607 547 11.0% 554 9.6%
Year 9          
Reading 632 574 10.1% 581 8.8%
Writing 596 534 11.6% 549 8.6%
Spelling 605 578 4.7% 582 4.0%
Grammar and Punctuation 620 571 8.6% 574 8.0%
Numeracy 630 585 7.7% 592 6.4%

Gifted Education

In 2019, CHAC was one of the highest achieving schools in Queensland, with students involved in the Gifted Program achieving exceptional results both academically and in major regional, state, national and global competitions. The program was also bolstered through the addition of a part-time Gifted and Enterprise teacher in Semester 2.

World Scholar’s Cup
For the second year running, CHAC proceeded to a Global Round of the World Scholar’s Cup, after Junior and Senior scholars emerged champions in the exam in the Brisbane Regional Round. Two Senior and one Junior team competed at the international event (along with 2,100 competitors from 26 countries) with individuals and teams awarded gold for achieving in the top 2 per cent of competitors.

da Vinci Decathlon
CHAC was the highest achieving school in Queensland at the state da Vinci Decathlon, with a CHAC team winning a Queensland title for the fourth consecutive year. Our Year 7 team were state champions and went on to earn 2nd place at nationals in Sydney. In addition, our Years 8, 9, 10 and 11 teams were all runners-up at state level, and Years 5 and 6 teams achieved their highest results ever, with numerous subject placings.

At the Opti-MINDS state finals in mid-October, CHAC’s Language & Literature team were state champions and the Science & Engineering team state runners-up, earning the College our best results ever. At regionals in August, each of the five teams competing was awarded a prize, with two first places, two honours and one Spirit Award.

Academic competitions
CHAC excelled in subject-specific academic competitions. A Year 12 student was again awarded the Peter Doherty Award for Science. Four Year 11 students were accepted into the UQ Young Scholars Program. A Year 10 team won the QUT Science and Engineering Challenge in Queensland and CHAC placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the Spaghetti Bridge Building Competition. CHAC History students dominated external competitions, with a Year 8 student named State Champion in the Australian History Competition, a Year 11 student earning the Young Historian Award in the National History Challenge, a Year 11 student winning the Russell Cowie Award for best Senior historical essay, and students placing 1st (Year 12) and 1st and 2nd (Year 11) in the Queensland History Teachers’ Association’s Writing Competition. In the Australian Geography Competition, three students achieved in the top 1 per cent nationally and 37 High Distinctions were awarded to Years 7 to 11 students.

Gifted extra-curricular
In addition to our outstanding results in the World Scholar’s Cup, da Vinci Decathlon and Opti-MINDS, CHAC teams were Queensland Junior Robo-Cup Champions and runners-up in the Tech Girls are Superheroes app design competition. For the first time, a CHAC Year 9 student progressed to the State Final of Rostrum’s Voice of Youth Competition. Two Year 11 students were among the youngest in Australia to be selected to participate in the Young Women Leaders in AI program. A Deloitte’s bursary and Young Women Leaders in AI Ambassadorship was awarded to one participant. Gifted curricular program For the first time, CHAC successfully whole-year accelerated a new Year 9 student. To cater for academic giftedness, the College continues to offer an acceleration pathway in Mathematics; extension in English, Mathematics and the Arts; and enrichment experiences through the Exceptional Scientist Program. In 2019, 85 students accelerated in Mathematics across Years 8 to 11, one student accelerated in Modern History (achieving a top of VHA band result) and one in Studies of Society (VHA result). Again, one accelerated Year 11 Mathematics student achieved the top position in Year 12 Mathematics B, and 14 of the 15 accelerated Year 11 students attained VHAs.

Enterprise Education Program
The expansion of opportunities for challenge and individual growth through Enterprise Education further enhanced our reputation as an innovative learning community offering multiple opportunities for self-discovery and growth. Enterprise Education came of age with fully-fledged programs for Years 7 to 10 and the successful pilot of an entrepreneurship program for Year 6 students. In September, Year 9 students undertook a program focused on Social Entrepreneurship, which was launched by Yas Grigaliunas (The World’s Biggest Garage Sale co-founder). The Enterprise Education Program continued to focus on developing students’ 21st Century skills, including self-knowledge, the capacity to work collaboratively, and the ability to think both critically and creatively, as well as developing business knowledge.

Enterprise Education Networks
QUT’s Creative Enterprise Australia selected CHAC as the recipient of a fully-funded Youth Digital Workshop for 160 students. The workshop focused on harnessing the power of digital media to reach audiences. ABC News coverage of this workshop featured on radio, television and online. CHAC also continued our involvement with ISQ’s Curriculum Ideas Exchange program, a networking forum for schools at the forefront of innovative curriculum development in Queensland.