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Year 10 The Project

The Project 

A group of Year 10 students recently completed the innovative elective program The Project with exceptional results, despite the challenges of online learning.

Students often find that much of the value of the subject lies in having to overcome challenges and develop resilience. This was the case on a magnified scale during our retreat to online learning, as access to resources, materials and locations disappeared almost overnight, requiring students to be flexible and resilient.

Guided by mentors in their chosen field, students in The Project are encouraged to deeply explore an area of personal passion, nurturing and extending areas of emerging talent and gaining invaluable skills such as project management.

Work produced by students undertaking The Project this semester included films, animation, a scientific research project, a photography folio, an IT solution, a range of wearable art, a social justice feature article, a health and nutrition blog, a play, and a range of original songs. Below is a taste of some of the completed works. 

Maggie Ngan 

Album reflecting on January 2020 Australian Bushfires

I chose this subject so that I could extend my abilities and gain more experience in songwriting. Previously, my songs have been random words put together that may not mean anything to me at the time. This semester, I wanted to change that.


I knew that I wasn’t going to pursue music as a career, but I did know that I was going to continue with it no matter what, so I wanted to make sure that I had the skills to make it worthwhile.


Lachlan Whyte  

Animated film demystifying Epilepsy

There is nothing wrong with you! This is a message that everyone should carry with them throughout their lives.


My project involves a stop-motion animation of a cartoon of myself and is dedicated to helping other teenagers who are struggling with Epilepsy, which is a condition that I have been afflicted with. My animation involves a step-by-step guide on how to live your life normally with Epilepsy.


Alice Dagwell   


For The Project 2020 I wrote an album of original songs. I wanted to plunge head-first into the song-writing world, gaining as much knowledge, experience and skill as possible. Composing has always been a passion of mine, however, before the opportunity to partake in this subject, I had never thought writing on such a large scale as this would be possible. However, I managed to exceed my wildest expectations, as I ended up writing and recording 10 songs overall.    


Anneka Waters


I’ve made a health and nutrition blog that features tasty, easy recipes and my own food photography. I hope it will help other teenagers wanting to whip up quick, healthy meals and live a healthy lifestyle.


Mitch Zarb

Ad blocker 

Throughout this semester, I have undertaken the challenge of developing software for parents to monitor and filter their child’s internet usage. With a simple step-by-step guide, parents are able to gain insight into their child’s online content consumption, with the added benefit of being able to place restrictions on content. With a small hardware device able to be connected to any household router, parents are able to gain control of internet usage in and out of the house on any device via dedicated login for their child.