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Wetlands Stalls

The Wetlands Festival is home to a great range of stalls offering a wide variety of crafty, yummy, interesting items. All items are made or donated by members of the College community and we thank them very much for their generous support of this fundraising opportunity.

Upmarket Craft

Recycling and upcycling is the key tenet of our legendary Upmarket Craft Stall, which prides itself on offering an incredible array of stylish and contemporary craft items to Festival Patrons.

Can you make something special for Upmarket Craft? Contact the Upmarket Craft Convenor by email or phone 0407 592 549 

Jams and Preserves

We have hundreds of Jams, Sauces and Jellies ready to be bought and consumed. Many new flavours such as Apple & Passionfruit Jam and a Tropical Jam have been made. There is also homemade BBQ sauce available and limited number Tomato Pasta Sauce. For the first time, we have also obtained from an extended CHAC Family, Withcott Honey. All items have been made with fresh ingredients sourced locally to help our local community.
Want to Help? Contact the Jams & Preserves Convenor

Barker's Dozen

So Fido couldn’t come to the Wetlands Festival but why should he miss out? Drop by Barker’s Dozen to pick up some healthy homemade dog treats for your four-legged barking buddy!
Want to Help? Contact Barker’s Dozen Convenor, Anna.

CHAC Emporium

Quality recycled goods including books, games, fashion and treasures yet to be discovered! Thanks very much to Fort Knox Storage who have donated storage space to allow us to store and sort donated goods.

Want to Help? Contact the Trash’n’Treasure Convenor

Recycled Books

After the Wetlands Festival, winter is just around the corner - the perfect time for cosying up with a good book, CD or DVD. This popular stall has historically been one where festival-goers are sure to find unexpected treasures at a like totally bargain price! Bargains galore!
Want to Help? Contact the Books Convenor

CHAC Science Display

The CHAC Science Club will be staging an interactive display as well as conducting FREE workshops throughout the day. Come on over for some fun!

Cake and Bake

Our Cakes Stall will no doubt be stocked with more yummy goodies than the Country Women’s bake off! CHAC bakers can always be relied on to provide a legendary array of home-made cakes, biscuits, slices, muffins, gingerbread and other baked goods for our Wetlands Festival – get in early before it’s all gone!
Want to Help? Contact the Cake & Bake Convenor

Confectionery and Sweets

The confectionary and sweet stall at CHAC is renowned for offering a mouth-watering array of home-made goodies like fudge, rocky road, coconut ice, honeycomb, truffles, chocolate freckles, toffee, Turkish delight and nougat. Also making an appearance will be those perennial favourites - lolly necklaces! It’s all delicious and the only question is – will it last until you get home?
Want to Help? Contact the Confectionery and Sweets Convenor.


Our passionfruit vine, purchased at the last Wetlands Festival in 2016 is above. They say they take 3 years to bear, but those Wetlands passionfruit are ripening on the vine now! If you have a green thumb, why not grow some plants for the stall at Wetlands?
Want to Help? Contact the Plants Convenor Jodi by email or phone her on 0438 634 588.

CHAC Environment Display

The CHAC Environmental Club will be staging an interactive display as well as conducting FREE guided tours of our beautiful Wetlands, along the boardwalk. The Wetlands boardwalk is part of the wetland rehabilitation project in the environmentally sensitive and gazetted melaleuca wetlands which are part of the extensive college grounds and from which our Festival takes its name.

Fashion Finds

Did you know that Australians buy an average of 27 kilograms of new textiles each year and then discard about 23 kilograms into landfill? And that two-thirds of those discards are manmade synthetic/plastic fibres that may never breakdown? Vintage is groovy and recycle is cool, not to mention environmentally sound! At Wetlands Fashion Finds adults and kids alike will find some fantastic outfits at equally fantastic prices.

Lucky Keys

A new stall – unlock your chance to win CASH prizes, $1 a try. Many thanks to ESL Locksmiths who have kindly donated keys and supplies for this stall to the school.
Want to Help? Contact the Lucky Keys Convenor, Jodie.