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Food and Drinks


No Wetlands Festival would be complete without a snag from the BBQ or a fresh juicy burger - order yours just the way you like it!

Want to Help? Contact the BBQ Convenor.

This Food Stall offers Gluten-Free options. 


Devonshire Tea

There is just nothing that beats a classic Devonshire Tea, a perfectly cooked and warmed scone topped with jam and cream, served with a hot cuppa! Serving out of the Auditorium Catering Centre, so grab yours and sit down to watch performance on the Chapel Stage - check the Program for times.

Want to Help? Contact the Devonshire Tea Convenor.

Japanese Pancakes

Try a tasty Japanese pancake prepared by the students and staff of our CHAC Japanese program. Okonomiyaki (o-konomi-yaki) is a Japanese savoury pancake that is made with a batter, shredded cabbage and other grated vegetables. The name is derived from the word okonomi, meaning "what you like" or "what you want", and yaki meaning "grilled" or "cooked" (cf. yakitori and yakisoba). 

This Food Stall offers Vegetarian options. 



The CHAC Drinks Van will be loaded up with a variety of icy cold drinks to keep everyone hydrated and happy throughout the Festival. Drinks will also be available from the Canteen. Many of these drinks are donated by our student body as part of our Wetlands Bring-Along program: buy a donated drink at the Drinks Van or a CHAC Food Stall and all profits come back to the school!

Want to Help? Contact the Drinks Convenor


Food Vendors

Dippin Dots

Dippin' Dots are delicious tiny beads of cryogenically frozen ice cream, yogurt, sherbet and flavoured ice. We use a combination of natural ice cream ingredients, the same found in conventional ice cream, and flash freeze it into tiny beads. Microbiologist Curt Jones used his background in cryogenic technology to invent Dippin' Dots in 1988. His invention is now considered the unique, futuristic and fun way to eat ice cream!

Café Cartel

Cafe Cartel is a mobile cafe serving award winning locally roasted coffee blends from Brisbane's Nessun Dorma. At Cafe Cartel we feel that life is too short for bad coffee!

Candy Cart

The Candy Cart is Jam packed with all things sweet - for those with a real sweet tooth! No one can resist the smell of fresh fairy floss on a stick, or fresh hot or flavoured popcorn.

Clive’s Mobile Coffee

Clive’s has been operating for over 9 years using Abrisca coffee, an award winning blend of the finest beans. Our mobile coffee van, operating from Brisbane, is able to bring you a fabulous coffee experience and the highest standard of customer service.

Hot Chips

Fresh cooked from the Hot Chip Van, the good old bucket of chips that make a day out at the Carnival!

This food stall offers Vegetarian and Gluten Free Options.

Joseph’s Hungarian Langos

If you have not tried Langos before, you are in for a treat! Langos are made from a sour dough base, which Joseph fries only after an order is placed to ensure they are served warm. Each Langos has a layer of crushed garlic and if you want, which we definitely did, you can add a layer of cheese and sour cream.

Punjab Curry Club

Enjoy authentic Indian cusine presented by the Punjab Curry Club. India is a vast country with a rich heritage as reflected in its various people, cultures and cuisine. At Punjab Curry Club, have chosen to present some of the more characteristics, yet legendary dishes from North India, especially Punjab. These internationally renowned dishes trace their origin from the invading Mughals.

This food stall offers Vegetarian and Gluten Free Options.

Rainbow Smash

Rainbow Smash is a long-time supporter of our Festival and this year the Rainbow Smash van will once again be serving a mouth-watering and refreshing array of slushess and snow cones.

Many thanks to Rainbow Smash for providing the Mobile Cold Room for use at our event.


Steamed specialize in homemade flavored dumplings, Shumai and bun and have been around for more than seven years. People just love the fresh and delicious dumplings, and their "onsite demonstration" of dumpling making!

Tornado Potatoes

Fresh cooked Potato Slinkies - is there anything more yummy?

Thanks to Lorena from Tornado Potatoes for growing the fresh pots for sale at our Plants Stall!