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Our Wetlands

Cannon Hill Anglican College is set in 11.5 hectares of gently sloping, wooded land, dominated by a series of giant eucalypts and an extensive Melaleuca Wetlands area, rich in wildlife. The Melaleuca Wetlands at CHAC is one of the key focus areas of the College, with both College staff and students. An integrated approach to curriculum is taken, with careful planning being implemented to ensure every student is given the opportunity to experience the Wetlands environment, from Primary through to Year 12.

At our recent Open Day, the aspects of the College which attracted the most comments were the politeness and friendliness of the students, the passionate teachers, the wonderful ‘feel’ of the campus, and the beautiful environment, the latter being one of the elements that took first-time visitors by surprise.

Comments like ‘lovely grounds’, ‘like the natural environment’, ‘the grounds were amazing’, ‘very impressed with the natural environment’, and ‘access to Wetlands and natural environment’ were some of the thoughts documented in an Open Day survey.

While we are thrilled to be set among towering gums and to be so close to the stunning, and protected, Melaleuca Wetlands, that create the tranquil atmosphere so appreciated by all, there are also the advantages of an authentic learning space – complete with creek – as part of our campus. And what better environment could we have for our Cross Country training and events?


As a College based on pathways rather than corridors, and trees for natural shade rather than man-made structures, it is not surprising therefore that visitors quickly appreciate the serenity of such a natural setting and the beauty of being nestled among mature trees – which creates a sense of continuity and establishment.