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Wetlands Amusements

From trying your luck in the dips, sand and keys, to lobbing coins at chocolates and getting your face painted, the Festival has it all! And of course, the big question is looming - which CHAC celebrity will take a swim in the dunk tank?

Don't miss the many amusements on offer at the 2018 Wetlands Festival - there's something for everyone!


Roll up! Roll up! Everyone can be a winner at Lob-A-Choc! The CHAC Past Students Association is again staffing our ever-popular Lob-a-Choc stand, traditionally a major contributor to the sugar rush of Festival Day! Fun for all ages.

Want to Help? Contact the Lob-A-Choc Convenor

Body Art Stall

Crazy Hair, Cool Tattoos and Fun Face Painting at the Hair, Face and Tattoo Stall! Thanks to the Girls Education Committee for their assistance in running this stall.

Want to Help? Contact the Hair, Face and Tattoo Convenor

Sticks in the Sand

Sticks in the Sand is BACK with prizes to instantly please! Will your stick be the key to a major prize?

Want to Help? Contact the Sticks in the Sand Convenor

Lucky Dip

The Lucky Dip Stall will provide prizes and loads of fun for younger children. Which one will you choose? Have fun unwrapping!

Want to Help? Contact the Lucky Dip Convenor

Lucky Keys

A new stall – unlock your chance to win CASH prizes, $1 a try. Many thanks to ESL Locksmiths who have kindly donated keys and supplies for this stall to the school.

Want to Help? Contact the Lucky Keys Convenor

Lucky Envelopes

Buy your envelope, cross your fingers and hope you are a BIG winner! Lucky Envelopes has a variety of great prizes ready to tempt both older children and adults.

Want to Help? Contact the Lucky Envelopes Convenor

Dunk Tank

Who will get dunked this year? It’s the question on everybody’s lips. Teachers will get dunked, local personalities will get dunked and someone FAMOUS might get dunked! Watch here for more details on who is going to get dunked this year and bid to dunk a Celebrity on our Silent Auction!

Little Animal House Petting Zoo

Born and raised on our meadows, our baby goats. calf's, piglets, ducklings, chickens, guinea pigs and lambs are selfie friendly and are eagerly waiting to have a play date that will make you giggle. Little Animal House employs knowledgeable team members who interact with children of all ages in a friendly manner whilst demonstrating compassion and care for all animals.

Laughing Clowns

By far the family favourite Carnival Game, the Laughing Clowns are the perfect sideshow alley attraction for your next event. This game is a game of skill which requires perfect timing and concentration as you feed the balls into the clown’s mouth and attempt to get a prize winning score whilst the clown head is rotating side to side!

Cost: $5 per game

 Slam Dunk Basketball

Come on girls and boys: here is a skill tester for all ages! All it takes is one in to win get all 3 in and you get the pick of the stand to take home with you – easy, right?

Cost: $5 per game

CHAC Balsa Racers

The CHAC Balsa Racers will be up and racing again at this year’s Wetlands, supported by the Boys Education Committee. These hand-crafted carbon-dioxide canisters powered cars are made by our Year 9 students and then put to the test in a classic match-race challenge to see who will be the ultimate winner.