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Terms and Conditions

Music Private Tuition Terms and Conditions

Accounts for music lessons are issued on a term by term basis and are additional to school tuition fees. Your CHAC statement will include the item “Music Tuition”. The current lesson rate is $42 per half hour (GST exempt) (effective 2022). The College Council sets fee levels including music lesson rates as part of its annual budget process. Parents are formally advised if there is any change to the music lesson fee. Expenses incurred in the operation of the band and ensemble program are met by the College. Fees must be paid by the due date included on the statements. If payment is not made the student will be excluded from further lessons.

The College provides an instrument holding room within the Music Building for students to store their instruments on the days they have rehearsals or lessons. The College takes no responsibility for loss of or damage to students’ instruments. Whilst every care is taken, students are solely responsible for their instruments at all times. It is strongly recommended that student owned instruments are insured.
The College has a limited number of instruments available for hire. Instruments for hire include the larger and more expensive instruments – bass clarinets, baritone saxophones, french horns, etc. There is also a limited number of smaller instruments available for short-term loan. Most instruments are normally hired for one semester in the first instance. Please email or phone (07) 3896 0419 for further information. There are also many companies who specialise in hiring instruments.

a) Responsibilities of the Performance Music Department

• To advise students of their lesson time for the term and advise if there are to be any changes.
• Ensure all specialist music tutors are punctual in attending lessons at specified times and deliver a lesson of 30 minutes duration;
• Recommend texts to be purchased by the student;
• If the specialist music tutor is absent from any music lesson, the lesson will be rescheduled and made up or credited to your account;
• General servicing of hired instruments.

b) Responsibilities of Students and Parents

• Consistently attend lessons at specified times;
• Students must be involved in the ensemble program as part of their music education, whether as a vocal student in choirs or as an instrumental student in bands. Sign-ons and auditions are held each year in order to place students in appropriate ensembles. Most rehearsals are held in the morning before school for Bands and Ensembles. Each group is involved in performances both within and outside the College during the year. Acceptance of a position in an ensemble indicates a commitment to attend all rehearsals and performances for the duration of the year.
• If the student is unable to attend a lesson due to a school related event, i.e. excursions and incursions, assessments or exams etc., it is the responsibility of the student to make alternative arrangements with the Performance Music Department at least two working days prior to the scheduled lesson. If this is not organised, lesson fees will apply and the lesson will not be made up.
• If students take additional holidays during term time, notice must be given both to the Principal and to the Director of Performance Music. If this is not organised, lesson fees will apply and the lesson will not be made up.
• If the student is absent due to illness, notification must be given to the Music Department by telephoning 3896 0419 or email no later than 7am of the scheduled lesson day (an answering machine is in service 24hours). If notification is not provided within this time, lesson fees will apply and the lesson will not be made up.
• If a student is attending school, it is expected that they will also attend their music lesson. Where a student is suffering a minor illness, which doesn't prevent them attending school but may interfere with musical performance (e.g. a vocal student has a sore throat, a woodwind student has a blocked nose, a percussion student has a blister), lessons should still be attended and the tutor will adapt the lesson.
• Adhere to all directions regarding preparation required for the lesson, including music folder, equipment, recording materials and instrument.
• Ensure students attend rehearsals and performances at specified times;
• Ensure students are properly prepared and equipped for lessons;
• Provide feedback to the Performance Music Department on issues as they arise.

If you intend to discontinue music lessons at the College four weeks’ notice in writing (letter or email) is required. This must be given directly to the Performance Music Department.