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Strategic Plan

The College’s current Strategic Plan, launched late in 2014, is now two-thirds through its lifecycle and it is rewarding to see the coming to fruition of many of the strategic priorities that were identified following extensive consultation with CHAC’s stakeholders back in 2014.

All projects undertaken and decisions made are under the overarching Strategic Priorities of the College. Holding all actions accountable against these priorities ensures a very consistent, aligned direction for the College. Under the seven Strategic Priorities listed on the right are the general headings of the key foci undertaken in 2016.

Collective Ambition

CHAC is a centre of excellence in learning, informed by out Anglican values, enriching and developing young people to achieve their personal best in all life’s dimensions, benefitting the global community.

Strategic Intent

Building shared value in and beyond our community.

Central Idea

Teach how to learn well and teach to grow intellectual capacity, to build character, to nurture dispositions and to develop faith.