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Strategic Plan

The Cannon Hill Anglican College Strategic Plan 2020–2022 outlines how the College intends to meet the challenges and opportunities of educating young women and men in a dynamic, evolving world.

Grounded by our commitment to Develop World and Work Ready Individuals, this plan provides the blueprint that will ensure CHAC continues to deliver distinctive and innovative education.

The strategic pillars provide the framework that supports the College’s corporate vision and outlines our shared priorities.

You can download a copy of the plan here. 

Strategic Plan


Strategic Pillars

These pillars will help shape the College’s future direction by harnessing what we already do well and implementing actions that will ensure our College remains one of Queensland’s leading independent schools.

Pillar 1- Teaching and Learning

A teaching and learning program focused on high expectations of learning behaviours, founded on brain research and solid data that is designed to be challenging, rigorous and engaging. One that encourages learning by not being afraid to fail and allows students to discover and follow their passions through curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular opportunities.

Pillar 2- Wellbeing and Personal Growth

A community that is committed to the development of the principles and practices of personal and community wellbeing and is providing opportunities for personal and professional reflection, growth and development. A culture rich in Christian tradition that encourages empathy, compassion and explicit character development to form a strong moral and ethical compass to inform attitudes and actions and to develop a positive sense of self in relationship with God and others.

Pillar 3- Community Connectedness

A community and culture that is rich in the College’s Christian tradition, one that encourages empathy, compassion, care and concern for others. One that encourages personal engagement and genuine relationships founded on a mutual desire for a strong sense of belonging for the purpose of creating a flourishing community in a complex and everchanging world.

Pillar 4- Sustainability- Facilities, structures and Resources

To be future focused, continually reviewing actions and practices with a clear eye on educational developments to ensure the College always provides resources and facilities that enable it to fulfill its educational goals.

Pillar 5- Governance

Ensure the College is proactive in enacting good governance and compliance practices are inherent in the business of the College.