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General Information

Cannon Hill Anglican College recognises that protecting students from harm and the risk of harm is fundamental to maximising their personal and academic potential. For this reason the welfare and best interest of our students will always be a primary consideration.

The College has in place a comprehensive Student Protection Policy which is regularly articulated to staff and students. This policy covers the actions to be taken if a student, member of staff or parent becomes aware or reasonably suspects that harm or likely harm has been done to a student of the College by other staff, people outside the school or by other students. The policy also includes what action students can take if they are not feeling safe. 

The Student Protection in Anglican Schools Policy and Procedures 2015, along with the Protocol for Dealing with Complaints of Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assault or Sexually Inappropriate Behaviour can be found on the College website. A hard copy of these policy documents is also held at Student Reception (Primary and Secondary) and parents are welcome to access this at any time.

The College's Child and Youth Risk Management Strategy helps to identify potential risks of harm to children and young people and to implement strategies to minimise these risks. A well-developed strategy will assist the College to achieve its objectives by providing a clear and consistent framework to guide and support all members of the College community. 

If you require further information, please contact the College’s Student Protection Officers. They are:

Mr Dave Pavish, Assistant Principal 07 3896 0440
Mrs Meggy Delaunay, College Psychologist 07 3896 0441
Mrs Desiree Duvenage, Teacher - Life and Faith 07 3896 0418
Mr Rob Hawkin, Teacher – ITD 07 3896 0483
Mrs Elizabeth Chaplain, Director of Primary 07 3906 2752
Mrs Anita Spencer, Acting Deputy Director of Primary 07 3906 2742
Mr Chris Williams, Teacher Primary  07 3906 2750

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