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Performance Music - Soloist Recitals

Soloist Recitals


We are excited to announce that the annual Soloist Recitals will progress in 2020. Participating students will be required to film their performance from home and share their video with their music tutor via MS Teams or a shared OneDrive folder that will be sent to you.

Soloist Recital submissions due Wednesday, 20 May.

Students are encouraged to be creative with their performance;

  • Design a stage with curtains and lighting
  • Dress up in formal attire or costume
  • Involve your family, pets and other items that are important to you (eg. cardboard cut-outs of your favourite sports stars)

Each Tutor will create a concert from the submitted videos which will be shared with students and families.

Recital Showcase

A selection of student performances from each Tutor Recital will be compiled to form a Showcase concert which will be live streamed at 7:00pm on Friday, 22 May. Live stream HERE.

Technical information

Unfortunately, certain video files have issues uploading into MS Teams (eg. .mov iPhone or iPad files). You may wish to use an online file converter like Zamzar or CloudConvert before sending your recording. We recommend .mp4  or asking your tutor which file type you should submit. 

Please use backing tracks where possible. Ideally use a separate device to record than the one used for playing backing tracks. Contact your tutor directly if you require Piano accompaniment and they will endeavour to organise an accompanist recording for you.