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Senior Secondary

Seniors at CHACWe strive for resilient Senior Secondary students who are happy, articulate, collaborative, academically empowered and socially responsible young adults who — as life-long learners — will lead purposeful, balanced and fulfilling lives, contributing positively and responsibly to the global village.

The passage from Junior Secondary to Senior Secondary begins. This is an important time for Senior students as they gain an understanding of the many pathways available to them.

Year 10 students are strongly encouraged to start to focus on elective subjects that are relevant to their chosen pathway. The College supports and mentors students on issues of organisation and study-discipline, as they set a course through their final years of schooling.

Senior Art Students at CHAC

CHAC Seniors in Science

The College places a strong emphasis on the importance of a balanced life as students strive to balance out their academic and extracurricular aspirations, their commitment to serve the College Community in leadership roles, their need to be part of friendship and family groups, and to earn money in student jobs. Years 10, 11 and 12 are an important time for students to continue to develop an understanding of how and where they fit into the world around them and how they can best contribute.
These final three years are an exciting milestone, and the positive, caring, supportive and respectful bonds formed between staff and students, and the memories created in the process, are precious.

It is indeed a privilege for us to be a part of this journey, as we strive to enhance student outcomes and imbue them with hope and optimism for their future pathways.

- Elizabeth Pratt, Director of Senior Secondary