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Progress Reporting

Communication between staff, students and parents is strongly encouraged by the College; as such, staff will often contact parents when concerns arise and likewise parents are encouraged to contact individual staff members when they have questions or concerns. The following processes of scheduled reporting take place each year:

Primary to Year 6

The Primary Student Portfolio is a collection of assessment tasks and work samples that complement and inform teaching and learning. It is the story behind the grading and provides evidence for teacher judgement. As a collection of work samples put together over a year-long period, it is a souvenir of the child’s year and an illustration of the growth and development that has taken place. The Student Portfolio is used by Primary teachers to inform formal written reports at the end of each semester. It is the basis of parent teacher interviews in Term 1 and the centre of the parent/student conference in Term 3.

Years 7 to 12

Interim reports are provided at the end of Term 1 and Term 3 as a means of identifying any issues that may have arisen with a student’s study of a particular subject. Semester Reports are provided at the end of each semester and are assessed in both subject specific criteria (using A to E gradings) and the general criteria of: takes responsibility for own learning in class, takes responsibility for home study and demonstrates appropriate behaviour and attitudes. Formal parent-teacher interviews are held twice a year for each year level. Parents are encouraged to attend these evenings and also contact staff at other times when the need arises.