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CHAC Primary

Learning through play at CHACCHAC Primary consists of 14 classes from Prep to Year 6, with two classes each for year level from Prep to Year 6. In January 2015, Years 3 to 6 moved into their brand new, state-of-the-art Upper Primary Centre, completing the new Primary Precinct for Prep to Year 6 students, with purpose-built learning areas, including adventure playgrounds, a Performance Art studio, and multi-purpose indoor/outdoor spaces.

Primary teachers and the Director of Primary work with a team of specialist teachers to deliver a balanced curriculum where the children are encouraged and taught to think, explore and create.

At CHAC we hold a strong belief that all children have tremendous talents and that as educators, it is our brief to nurture and develop these talents in all their forms. We do this by providing varied and engaging learning experiences designed to develop creativity across all areas of the Early Years and Primary curriculum.

- Elizabeth Chaplin, Director of Primary

Our Primary is a learning community where the students experience a sense of belonging through acceptance, co-operation and responsibility. It is our goal as teachers to encourage growth in each student's concept of his or her personal potential and to actively encourage him or her to strive to reach their individual potential.

In our classrooms, differentiated learning experiences are organised for students based on ability levels and specific needs across literacy and numeracy areas. Small group work and mixed groups are also utilised to support the development of the whole child. Critical thinking strategies are embedded across the key learning areas.

Our Primary students have access to Secondary facilities such as the Design and Tech Centre, Music, Art and Drama rooms, and the Research Centre. Specialist teachers teach the students in the areas of Health and Physical Education, Japanese, and Performance Arts.

Primary students are provided with the opportunity to participate in clubs and in a number of competitions, for example, Debating, the da Vinci Decathlon, Diakonos Committees, Primary Choir, Music Immersion programs and extended Arts opportunities.

Students participate in ICAS (International Competitions and Assessments for Schools) competitions, conducted by the University of New South Wales. The program offers independent diagnostic assessments, with a competition element, in the subject areas of English, Mathematics and Science.