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Learning through play at CHAC

CHAC Primary is diverse, dynamic learning community where all students experience and enjoy a strong sense of belonging through acceptance, co-operation and responsibility. Through a child-centred, holistic approach to development, we are committed to growing students’ intellectual capacity, in cognitive, social and emotional areas. We nurture the dispositions of serving others, giving, sharing, leading and gratitude. We provide experiences aimed at building character through courage, compassion, integrity, resilience and respect for self and for others.

CHAC Primary is guided by an experienced leadership team which includes the Director of Primary, Deputy Director of Primary and Coordinator of Learning Innovation.  


At CHAC we hold a strong belief that all children have tremendous talents and that as educators, it is our brief to nurture and develop these talents in all their forms. We do this by providing varied and engaging learning experiences designed to develop creativity across all areas of the Early Years and Primary curriculum.

- Elizabeth Chaplin, Director of Primary

The teaching team in CHAC Primary comprises of a group of highly credentialed, dedicated and experienced teachers who bring a fresh and energetic approach to the classroom. We recognise the diversity and individual needs of all students. Specialist areas of study include Japanese, Health and Physical Education, and Performance Arts.

Teachers and students are supported by a team of teacher aides who work in collaboration with the Learning Enrichment Co-ordinator and the Learning Enrichment Teachers to ensure that all students have equitable access to the curriculum.

The needs of highly able students are well recognised and receive support through differentiation within the classroom as well as specific and targeted programmes. These are delivered by the team of teachers for Gifted and Talented students in both individual and small groups.

Primary students undertake a program designed from the Australian Curriculum to help them become successful learners and active and informed citizens. Subject knowledge, skills and understanding are covered in the eight learning areas. Integration of subjects is used where appropriate. Students are provided with learning opportunities that allow critical and creative thinking, collaboration and inquiry.

The Enterprise Education program begins in primary, providing students the opportunity to develop skills such as creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking.

At Cannon Hill Anglican College, we believe in nurturing the whole child. Through our Christian Anglican Values Education program, and underpinned by Habits of Heart, students are taught and encouraged to work together in a harmonious, caring and respectful way.

Our pastoral care program is underpinned with a shared set of guidelines for the primary school called the CHAC Way.

·         We respect each other

·         We always strive to do our best

·         We have the courage to make the right choices

·         We take pride in how we look

·         We look after our own and other people’s property