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Policies and Reports

A range of key policies, in accordance with legislative and compliance requirements, are available for your reference.

Student Protection

Cannon Hill Anglican College has adopted, in its entirety, the policies and procedures outlined in the Student Protection in Anglican Schools Policy and Procedures 2015. Please click here to view all Student Protection policies and resources.

Code of Student Conduct

All students who are enrolled as students of the College are expected to abide by the College Code of Conduct, all the College's Rules and the Law. Parents or carers are required to sign an undertaking to this effect in the Enrolment Agreement at the time of their student's enrolment. Prior to commencement at the College all students must sign an agreement to comply with the Code of Conduct, all the College's Rules and the Law.

The Code of Conduct reflects the College's philosophy and values and forms the basis for the College's behaviour management program. 

Download the Code of Student Conduct