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Performance Music Home Learning Program

The College and the Performance Music department have been working hard to set up frameworks and systems to ensure Private Music Tuition will continue to be provided in conjunction with the Home Learning Program.

In the event that the Government recommends students remain at home, it is intended that music tuition will continue to be provided using Microsoft Teams with students interacting with Specialist Music Tutors through video-conferencing.

There are many benefits to students studying music in their day-to-day lives. In the case of a campus closure, we believe these benefits would be of even greater significance. Providing music tuition is important for our students during this time to maintain continuity of learning for when we return to face-to-face lessons.

The key benefits of private music lessons include:

  • Enhancement of cognitive skills and abilities
  • Provision of a creative outlet for students
  • Offering variety during their academic day

What will online lessons look like?

The Performance Music department has set up online tuition via Microsoft Teams. We have delivered over 200 individual online lessons in the past two weeks and it has proven to be an effective mode of delivery.

Here is a short demonstration of how lessons will look. A big thankyou to Tom Chippendale and his family for allowing this video to be shared with our community.

Primary Students – Parents, please download the Microsoft Teams apps onto a video compatible device and sign in using your CHAC email and password.

Secondary Students – Microsoft Teams is already installed on your CHAC devices.

Please ensure Microsoft Teams is open or operating in the background to receive video calls and the following are enabled in settings;

  • “Auto-start application”
  • “Open application in background”
  • “On close, keep the application running”

Lessons will be schedule in MS Teams as Meetings, which means lessons can be recorded and referred to at a later time. It is an expectation that students are prepared for their online lessons, just as they would be prepared in person on campus. Once we have settled into the new style of delivery existing absentee policies may apply.

While participating in digital tuition, please ensure you are in a quiet environment with ample lighting during your scheduled time slot. Headphones are recommended during lessons.

Ensembles and Choirs

There will be opportunities for Performance Music Ensembles and Choirs to collaborate online during a campus closure. These collaborations may include;

  • Online rehearsals and performances
  • Composition projects
  • Recording projects including online orchestras and ensembles

Here is a trumpet fugue performing 12 bars or music with four different musicians.

Just kidding! It's Mr Govier recording all four parts, a project that can easily be achieved from home.

Primary Immersion

The Primary Immersion program will continue with digital lesson delivered through Microsoft Teams. Immersion teachers will utilise different media platforms including digital apps, sheet music, presentations, sound recording and videos.

Other initiatives

We are looking at utilising our facilities to implement and develop smaller initiatives including online performances, recitals, concerts and recordings.


Instrument care and repairs

It is imperative that students take care of their instruments during this time, as access to music stores for accessories and repairs may be impacted. If you have a school loan instrument that requires repairs, please contact us directly and will be able to assist with store recommendations and remuneration.

AMEB Music Theory

The Australian Music Examination Board are currently offering free Theory of Music online courses (Grade 1-3) until 30th June 2020.

Visit the AMEB website

Performance Music


Can my child have a music lesson while they are participating in an online curriculum class? 

Yes, Music Tuition will continue like normal. They simply accept the call from their tutor. They will be able to catch up on any missed work as all classroom lessons are recorded.

Can my child prepare for an exam?

Yes, Specialist Music Tutors have access to all the materials required to prepare for AMEB and other exams.

Can my child still rehearse band music?

Yes, and we will expect them to. There will be may exciting initiatives as the term settles in.

Can we sign up for private music tuition during the Home Learning Program? 

Yes, you can still sign up for music lessons through the online enrolment form. Please CLICK HERE. We believe music lessons will be a popular activity during any isolation periods.

What happens if my child is unable to attend a lesson?

Please contact your tutor directly for them to reschedule your lesson. Please include in your correspondence.

How will we be billed during Term 2?

Rather than our usual process of invoicing parents in advance, during Term 2, we will be invoicing parents in arrears. There will be two bills issued each term – one mid-term and one at the end.

What will happen when we return to campus?

Assembly, concerts, recitals will all resume. Our students will be well prepared to get back to life as normal at CHAC and music will echo down our hallways once again.

Any further questions?

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at the details below.


Contact hours Monday - Friday 8:00am-4:00pm

Mr Geoff Govier

Director of Performance Music

07 3896 0461

Mr Daniel Macklin

Administrative Assistant – Performance Music

07 3896 0419