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Our Teachers

Teaching at CHACCannon Hill Anglican College is committed to enhancing the professional satisfaction and motivation of all staff. This professional community promotes reflective practice, professional growth and a commitment to relevant professional learning.

Staff engage in both formal and informal professional development that cover whole of College initiatives as well as tailored, discipline-specific programs relevant to individual needs. Professional learning occurs throughout the year during student free days in January, April, July, October and at the conclusion of the school year.

Staff also undertake additional learning during their own time and throughout the school year at faculty meetings, staff meetings and in the school holidays.

Teaching Awards and Achievements

At a 2018 gathering, recognising teachers who had been certified as Highly Accomplished or Lead Teachers, as defined by the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers, an impressive 10 of the 25 recipients were CHAC teachers. While this prestigious event recognised a small group of our staff, they are indicative of the highly professional, highly committed staff we are blessed with at the College.

Independent school teachers seeking national certification undergo a rigorous appraisal of their teaching practice. This includes demonstrating their proficiency against the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers and undergoing peer and student review and classroom observations.

‘We recognise the outstanding calibre of our teaching staff. A quarter of our teachers have now embraced the challenge first afforded by the College in conjunction with ISQ in 2015, to develop portfolios of their professional practice, leading to these new national classifications. With 12 teachers participating in the current round, we celebrate and congratulate our staff on this significant professional commitment, which further enhances the high-quality learning environment for our students at CHAC.’

Gary O'Brien, Principal

Independent Schools Queensland’s Executive Director David Robertson congratulated CHAC on its commitment to teaching excellence and the ongoing professional development of its teachers.

‘For outstanding educators like those at CHAC, teaching is not a job, it’s their heart’s work. What’s common to all these teachers is their care for and belief in every one of their students. They recognise the potential within their students and seek to draw it out by connecting with them and challenging them with content-rich, relevant learning experiences. Their impact extends beyond the classroom into the staffroom as agents of change who share and collaborate with their colleagues across a wide range of year levels and subject areas including social sciences, Japanese, health and physical education and industrial design and technology.’

Pre-Service Teacher Centre for Excellence

Each year, the College makes a commitment to support the pre-service teacher programs of the various tertiary institutions across South East Queensland.

Experienced teachers have an important responsibility to mentor and supervise the next generation of teachers. This experience allows our teachers the time to reflect on their own practices, and consciously demonstrate effective strategies and skills in curriculum planning and execution and the work of a teacher in and out of the classroom.

Through Independent Schools Queensland (ISQ), we are one of the original four Queensland independent schools identified in 2010 as a Centre of Excellence in supporting and mentoring pre-service teachers.

Interesting Facts about our amazing Teachers

Diverse Backgrounds

Our teachers include past lawyers, a research scientist, an artist, a translator for the United Nations, and several State Representatives or Champions encompassing touch Football, Cross Country, Athletics, Rowing and Middle Distance Running. And it pays to behave in class as the team also includes a first-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

Adventurous Spirit

Life experiences among CHAC’s teaching staff include trekking the mountains of Nepal, being stalked by white rhinos in Zimbabwe, sky-diving in New Zealand, starring in film and television alongside actors from Harrison Ford to Agro, and escaping a Maoist coup in Kathmandu – at 3am in the morning… a rickshaw!

Global Citizens

Teachers have taught from Punchbowl to Philadelphia and Portsmouth, Dimbulah to Dubai, Laos to London’s East End, and Biggenden to Bogotá. Collectively, our teachers can converse in a plethora of languages, including Russian and Zulu!

Diakonos: to serve

Some CHAC staff use their down time, including long-service leave, to embody CHAC’s mission of service. This work has included working with orphanages in Bolivia and Burma, volunteering in Tanzania, and teaching English in China.

All of our teachers meet or exceed the professional learning benchmark set by the Queensland College of Teachers (QCT) by attending professional learning, or by leading learning as a presenter at either internal or external conferences, or workshops.

Pillar 1- Teaching and Learning

A teaching and learning program focused on high expectations of learning behaviours, founded on brain research and solid data that is designed to be challenging, rigorous and engaging. One that encourages learning by not being afraid to fail and allows students to discover and follow their passions through curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular opportunities.

Pillar 2- Wellbeing and Personal Growth

A community that is committed to the development of the principles and practices of personal and community wellbeing and is providing opportunities for personal and professional reflection, growth and development. A culture rich in Christian tradition that encourages empathy, compassion and explicit character development to form a strong moral and ethical compass to inform attitudes and actions and to develop a positive sense of self in relationship with God and others.

Pillar 3- Community Connectedness

A community and culture that is rich in the College’s Christian tradition, one that encourages empathy, compassion, care and concern for others. One that encourages personal engagement and genuine relationships founded on a mutual desire for a strong sense of belonging for the purpose of creating a flourishing community in a complex and everchanging world.

Pillar 4- Sustainability- Facilities, structures and Resources

To be future focused, continually reviewing actions and practices with a clear eye on educational developments to ensure the College always provides resources and facilities that enable it to fulfill its educational goals.

Pillar 5- Governance

Ensure the College is proactive in enacting good governance and compliance practices are inherent in the business of the College.