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Our Principal

Welcome to Cannon Hill Anglican College and to our website, which we trust will offer a glimpse of the unique learning environment that is so highly valued by our community.

Since the foundation of the College in 1989, we have regarded the well-being of the individual as vital to the health of the whole community. We believe that young people primarily need a sense of belonging, a sense of being cared for, respected and encouraged, and to know that there are clear moral and behavioural parameters, defined by Christian values, within which to live and learn in community. Our efforts are dedicated to nurturing such a climate.

Set in a beautiful natural environment, this is a friendly school, where teachers challenge, support and care for learners, and value their unique personalities and learning styles. The students' successes continue to be a source of great pride and satisfaction for our staff, thanks to a balanced and holistic educational environment, and a diverse, innovative and progressive curriculum.

Robyn Bell with CHAC Prep students

Robyn Bell with College Leader

We believe that our policy of contained student numbers contributes significantly towards building a culture of collaboration and connectedness. Through our parent surveys, our parents express strong support and loyalty and indicate that their expectations of the College are being strongly met. My staff and I value such feedback as an endorsement of our focus on producing the best possible educational environment, as identified in the Hallmarks of a CHAC Education.

Here at Cannon Hill Anglican College, our students have extensive opportunities to discover, develop and enrich their capacities, and to delight in their achievements. With Courage and Compassion, we welcome you to CHAC.

Robyn Bell