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Other Facilities

Research Centre

Our modern Research Centre offers a spacious open study area, a quiet reading space, and a Seminar and Presentation Room.

The open study area provides an opportunity for students to work individually, in small groups or as part of a research class. Students are encouraged to develop skills in how to search for, locate and critique many different types of information. To that end, friendly and knowledgeable staff are available to assist students in accessing information in books, journals, newspapers, databases and through the internet.
A continuously enhanced fiction collection ensures our Reading Room is a popular space for quiet reading and the sharing of stories. Students may browse and borrow from our extensive picture book, junior fiction, and young adult fiction collection. With comfortable bean bags and peaceful surrounds, students can continue to enjoy the experience and benefits of reading for pleasure.

Students may also use the Research Centre to access audiovisual technologies such as digital still cameras and video cameras which are available to borrow and use at school.

The Research Centre also incorporates the ICT Help Desk where students can access our proficient ICT staff, and the Learning Pathways Office.

Industrial Technology and Design

Industrial Technology and Design has a strong and creative tradition at the College.

Facilities include an extensive Design and Technology workshop, Product Design Studio, fully computerised Graphic Design Studio and Systems Robotics and Control Lab.

Languages Centre

Students of French and Japanese now have a dedicated Languages Centre, which includes a kitchen and Japanese dining room. The College thanks the CHAC Foundation for its donation of $50,000 towards the cost of refurbishing E Block, and to our parents who enable the development of such facilities through their Voluntary Building Fund donations.