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Here at Cannon Hill Anglican College, our students have extensive opportunities to discover, develop and enrich their capacities, and to delight in their achievements.


Secondary students participate in The Associated Schools (TAS) sporting competition, with training held at the College before or after the school day, and matches played on Saturday mornings. 

Primary students participate in a Saturday morning inter-school competition in the Associated Schools Junior Competition (Junior TAS); a Brisbane-wide sporting competition involving 12 co-educational schools. Find out more>

Performance Music

The Cannon Hill Anglican College Performance Music Program is recognised in the educational and broader musical communities as providing a high quality, diverse and rich program in an environment encouraging student enjoyment and excellence.

  • Private Music tuition is offered to Years 2 to 12 students in all band and orchestral instruments, piano and voice, by specialist music tutors.
  • CHAC has over 27 Performance Ensembles that cater to a very broad range of musical levels and musical taste. 
  • There are many performance opportunities for ensembles and choirs to perform both at the College and external venues, such as QPAC.
  • The Music Tour provides Senior Secondary Music and Performance Music students the opportunity to embark on an international adventure, performing at exciting venues such as Universal Studios, the Disney Performing Centre and more.

Find out more>

The Arts

The College seeks to provide a variety of opportunities for students interested in Drama, Visual Art, Dance, Debating and Media.

Musicals are presented biennially and are a high-profile event on the College calendar. Through the creative process of Dance, students gain skills in communication, personal problem-solving, group decision-making, planning and organising. 

The English Faculty teachers provide the opportunity for students to participate in Debating, to improve their public public speaking and persuasive skills. The College seeks to provide a variety of co-curricular Drama opportunities for students. Students are actively encouraged to participate in a number of Visual Art competitions working with a variety of media, from painting and drawing, to photography and filmmaking. Find out more>

Diakonos: Social Justice Endeavours

The purpose of Diakonos is to co-ordinate the response of our College Community to social justice issues. Find out more>

Opportunities in Primary

The College offers Primary students the opportunity to be involved in the life of the College community through Junior TAS inter-school Sport, Debating and Decathlon competitions, Diakonos (Social Justice) Committees, Primary Choir, Music Immersion Programs and extended Arts. Find out more>

Clubs and Competitions

Coding and Robotics Club, the Australian Space Design Competition, Opti-MINDS, ICAS, Science Club, Environment Club; the list goes on! Students can get involved in many clubs and competitions at CHAC, and we encourage all students to participate as part of their holistic education. Find out more>

Student Leadership

Developing the skills and abilities that are central to successful leadership is an important part of the education process at Cannon Hill Anglican College.

There are leadership opportunities throughout Primary and Secondary at CHAC. Find out more>

Camps and Tours

From the Year 6 Canberra Tour, Year 7 Orientation Camp to our Year 11 Leadership Camp, French Tour and Biology Tour to Fiji, CHAC provides a range of opportunities developed to age-appropriately take students outside of their comfort zones by exposing them to situations that require a combination of calculated risk-taking, lateral thinking, teamwork and physical determination. Find out more>

Opportunities for Parents

Whether you've only got a bit of spare time and can help out on occasion, or you'd like to get involved on a regular basis at the College, there's a great range of opportunities available for parents to make new friends, help grow our students' facilities and immerse yourself in our CHAC Community. Find out more>