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Young Women Leaders in AI

Young Women Leaders in AI

Author: Barbara Mossman
Author Role: Gifted and Enterprise Education Coordinator

Year 11 students Emma Cooney and Annelies Alcorn will join some of the country's brightest young minds for an exciting new program aimed at boosting female participation in the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI).  

The Young Women Leaders in AI Program will commence with a six-day camp, which is being held during the Easter break. Along with 150 young women from across Australia, Emma and Annelies will explore the future of AI, while connecting with industry leaders and developing skills to help create a brighter future.

Throughout the camp, Emma and Annelies will learn about entrepreneurship, innovation and how to succeed as a woman in the tech industry. Participants will work within groups to create and pitch an AI-powered product and engage with industry mentors and representative.

Following the camp, participants will enter a 12-month ambassadorship and mentorship program that will provide opportunities to apply for internships or scholarships, attend local meetups, continue a mentee relationship and promote the value of young women leaders in AI. 

The program is underwritten by Advance Queensland and supported by the AI industry, and it is hoped that its participants will emerge as ambassadors equipped to take on leadership roles as society and economies transform through AI adoption. 

We hope the girls find the experience both stimulating and valuable, and we look forward to hearing about it next term.