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Young Composer of the Year Award

Young Composer of the Year Award

Author: Dr Malcolm Cole
Author Role: Head of Faculty, The Arts

Zac Anderson, Year 12 Music and Music Extension (Performance) student, has won the annual Queensland Young Composer of the Year Competition run by the Australian Society for Music Education for his excellent piano work Reverie for the Tibetan Plateau.

The competition adjudicator, Dr Nicole Murphy wrote: "This evocative solo piano piece captivates the listener from the evocative stillness of the opening gesture. This opening motif develops in a subtle and well-paced manner, accompanied by the gradual expansion in register. The treatment of harmony demonstrates a sophisticated and assured compositional ear, as the composer leads the listener through tonal ambiguities with ease. The final two-note hint at the opening gesture, giving way to the ascending arpeggio shows excellent artistic sensibilities and restraint. Congratulations on a pianistic and stylistic rendering of musical ideas that demonstrates excellent compositional instincts. - 1st Place."

Well done Zac and to Mrs Pratt, Zac's classroom music teacher.