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Years 7 and 8 Thinkers Challenge

Years 7 and 8 Thinkers Challenge

Last week, the Years 7 and 8 students started the toughest, hardest and most gruelling challenge they had ever encountered. It was…the Thinkers Challenge!

Consisting of three tasks based on the da Vinci Decathlon – Ideation, Engineering and Creative Writing – the Thinkers Challenge was designed to push the students to their limits. Tayah Uren, Year 8, provides an overview of the events below.

Barbara Mossman
Gifted Education Coordinator

Ideation was targeted at something very close and dear to all of us – sleep or, more precisely, a lack of it! The Year 8s, in teams of three and four, had to come up with a way to help stop sleep deprivation in Australia.

The second event was the Engineering Challenge. It required teams of four to create a building that reflected (and complimented) its surrounding natural landscape. It was at that moment that we all wished we’d payed more attention in Design and Tech.

The final event was a task that we could do easily…or at least that’s what we thought. Creative Writing, living up to its name, involved us using our imaginations to write an extremely creative poem. I know, it sounds easy; but, there was a catch. We had to write the poem about an animal, from the perspective…of the animal.

Thankfully, we all survived, though there were times where we didn’t think we’d complete the challenge before time ran out. Thank you so much to all the teaches who put together this amazing experience. We all had an incredibly fun day.

Tayah Uren, Year 8