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Year 9 students ready to change tomorrow

Year 9 students ready to change tomorrow

Author: Barbara Mossman
Author Role: Head of Gifted and Enterprise Education

From a business solution targeting the problem of fast fashion to an educational program aimed at students addressing screen addiction, Year 9 students in this year’s Changing Tomorrow class have again shown that they care deeply about making the future a better place, and understand that action is needed to make change happen. Without exception, students' group presentations over the past week have been most impressive.

In this Year 9 elective subject, students need to work collaboratively in teams to develop a multi-faceted solution to an existing issue or problem. They also need to deepen their understanding of the issue by conducting market research, in the form of surveys or interviews, before designing their projects. The issues students were concerned about this year included fast fashion, energy sustainability, screen addiction, and elderly isolation.

In any other year, the subject would culminate in the presentation of student projects at an evening Showcase, but COVID-19 has made that impossible right now. We hope that a future relaxation of restrictions may result in the Showcase being re-scheduled later in the year so that students’ ideas can be shared with a broader audience of family and friends.

Changing Tomorrow: the students’ perspective…

"I have learnt lots about group work, but also lots about myself. I personally really enjoyed Year 9 Changing Tomorrow and would definitely recommend it to younger students." (Sarah Wieland, Year 9)

"I have acquired a better understanding of how a team works and factors that contribute to its success. I have benefitted from this project because it opened up my eyes to the many problems that there are in the world and how you can take a big problem and find a solution for your local community." (Lachlan Steele, Year 9)

"I think that our group worked extremely well together, as we were all very passionate about the problems associated with elderly people and determined to make a difference. We all had different strengths that we brought to our team. I have discovered more about problems associated with elderly people, which I am passionate about, and hope that these solutions will really be implemented. I connected with new people and discovered more about myself. I greatly enjoyed this subject and am extremely glad I chose it." (Audrey Davidson, Year 9)

"I now have a much greater knowledge of the issues surrounding elderly people and what I can do to help. I also know how to make a website, which will definitely be a useful skill to have in the future. My problem-solving and collaborative skills have benefited from this experience and I have gotten to know my teammates better, which has been fun." (Zoe Billings, Year 9)

"I enjoyed working towards something I’m passionate about in this presentation. It felt good knowing I could make someone’s life a little bit better." (Lily Hawkin, Year 9)

"If there was more time, I would’ve created my own original idea for a solution as I started brainstorming some new ideas at the end of the project. Overall, it was an enjoyable experience and I would like to do more of this type of work." (Bailey Climo, Year 9)