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Year 9 students dive into CHAC Tank

Year 9 students dive into CHAC Tank

Author: Barbara Mossman
Author Role: Head of Gifted and Enterprise Education

“The CHAC Tank was an engaging learning experience that introduced us to the concept of becoming a young and successful entrepreneur. This program prepared us with the necessary skills that will be valued throughout our future career pathways. Personally, I benefitted from understanding my own personal attributes and how they can be implemented within a team environment.” (Lucinda Elmes)

Year 9 students showed themselves to be innovative, thoughtful and creative in the final week of Term 3 when they took part in CHAC Tank, their year group’s Enterprise Education program for 2020. Student ideas ranged from mental health apps and high-tech schoolbag designs to tutor networks and rooftop gardens designed to make the CBD and inner-city greener, more sustainable and more enjoyable for city-dwellers.

Over three days, teams were challenged to create an innovative idea that solved an existing problem. They were finally required to communicate persuasively via a promotional video, print concept and 'pitch' to a panel of judges in a 'SharkTank-style' format, known as CHAC Tank. 

Designed to develop greater self-awareness and collaborative teamwork skills, as well as students’ capacity for creative idea generation, the program and was developed and run by a team of CHAC staff. Students participated in activities that encouraged an entrepreneurial mindset while also practising the 21st century skills so important for success in the future.

Year 9 student and member of the winning team Max Barnett said, “For me, the CHAC Tank experience gave me a great insight into what it feels like to be in a real-world job situation. We had to learn how to lean on each other to make the most of our different strengths and skills. One thing that was really important to me was the fact that we could work so well together, even though we wouldn’t usually. I think this is because we were all so passionate about the idea, which really allowed us to excel as a group.”

Pitch heats took place on the final day of the program, leading up to the PitchFest Final in the afternoon, with finalist teams presenting to the entire cohort and the CHAC Tank judging panel. Teams’ pitches featured slick and sophisticated PowerPoint presentations and some excellent promotional videos as well as cleverly structured persuasive pitches.

The winning team, C-Cycle, wanted to reduce rubbish around the College campus by installing 'smart bins' designed to sort recyclables and simultaneously generate cash rebates for students to then spend in the school cafeteria. A win-win solution! The winning team, awarded gift cards and certificates on the day, were: Lucinda Elmes, Joshua Wold, Max Barnett, Alexandra Cartwright and Charlotte Corcoran.

A huge thank you is owed to the teaching staff involved in delivering a very successful program that showcased so many excellent student ideas and presentations.