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Year 9 French Cultural Workshop

Year 9 French Cultural Workshop

Author: Mackenzie Burns
Author Role: Student

On Friday of Week 4, the class of Year 9 French students were lucky enough to attend a French cultural workshop. Run by Madame Wallas and Madame Gunn, my peers and I made crêpes, completed a treasure hunt, played French games and got to know each other a little better. Fuelled by crêpes and coffee, our class were split into teams, to compete in a running race to translate a French document attached to a tree. This activity brought out the competitive but fun spirit in everyone, helping us to learn more about the language and each other. For our treasure hunt, we had to translate instructions and hunt for objects around the school. In the end, one team was victorious, winning the chocolatey prize. For the rest of the workshop, we played a CHAC-friendly French version of Cards Against Humanity, completed a ‘pass the parcel’ quiz and ate an enormous party pizza. Overall, we had a very fun night and are grateful for our French teachers.