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Year 8s re-design CHAC

Year 8s re-design CHAC

Author: Barbara Mossman
Author Role: Head of Gifted and Enterprise Education

Year 8 students’ entrepreneurial creativity and capacity to problem-solve were clearly on display in CHAC’s Designing Spaces program held on the final Friday of Term 4 2019 in the Enterprise Centre. The thought-provoking program, delivered by educational provider BOP Industries and College staff, was an important part of CHAC’s Enterprise Education program for Year 8 last year and focused on developing innovative designs in response to a real-world challenge. In this case, students were challenged to re-design parts of the College campus, keeping principles of sustainability and Design Thinking in mind and utilising emerging technology to improve user-experience.

Year 8 student Zoe Billings said, "Thank you CHAC for organising such a wonderful day, I really enjoyed myself and learnt so many new things. I particularly liked looking into creative new ways to make our school more sustainable and also pitching our ideas to our peers."

See photos from the day below, as well as a pitch from one of the finalist teams.


By Zoe Billings, Ben Frewin, Macklin O’Callaghan, Lucy Roe, Julius Spears

Imagine a three-storey modernised class block, with colourful learning spaces, a covered multi-sport facility and rooftop terrace. The first floor will be made up of enlarged lockers, locker bays and changerooms. The second floor is split in half. On one side you will find humanities classrooms, and on the other is a moderately sized multi-sport area, complete with an equipment shed. In this space, you can play anything from basketball to volleyball. This space will encourage students to have a more active break time, as they do not have to go all the way down to the Tuggerah. The third floor is comprised of math classrooms and two staff rooms and each classroom will contain ‘breakout rooms’ similar to those in the Junior Secondary. With this addition, group work in these classrooms will be enhanced, and students will be more engaged.

On the roof is a beautiful terrace, decorated with everything from windchimes made from recycled tin cans to a variety of vegetation enclosed in recycled car tyres. This space will contain benches and tables made from recycled wood, where students can eat and study. The footpaths on this terrace will be made of a special water-absorbing asphalt that will direct water into the surrounding gardens. Another way to water this garden would be to collect water in open-roofed bins when it rains, that could be released through pipes on dry days. A bridge could be extended from the second floor of the Enterprise Centre to this terrace to make it more accessible.

Throughout the rest of B Block, there will be special ‘kinetic pathways’ that convert the vibrations created when you walk on them into kinetic energy. In a similar idea, this building could be painted with special ‘solar paint’ that can covert the sun’s rays into solar energy. This energy can be utilised throughout the school.

Bottle bins are another new initiative we would like to introduce in and around B Block. If you put a bottle with a 10c refund in these bins and scan your ID card, 5c will be added to your account. The school can then empty these bins, and receive the 10c refund for each bottle, giving them a profit and you a convenient way to add money to your card.

This addition will boost CHAC’s reputation as a ‘clean’ school, as well as making CHAC more independent when it comes to producing our own energy.