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Year 8s at the Beach

Year 8s at the Beach

On Thursday 26 July, the Year 8s travelled by bus to Currumbin Beach for the Beach Activity Day led by the team at Character Builders. The activities aimed to encourage the cohort to remain supportive of one another in stressful situations and included an Iron Man and Iron Woman event, Stand-up Paddle Boarding, Beach Boot Camp, and A to B.

The Iron Man and Iron Woman event was a small circuit. We started on the sand, bunny hopped over some hurdles, army crawled under some low string, completed 10 star jumps, then ran through the water at knee-height back to the starting position. We did this continuously for 20 minutes, seeing how many laps our group could do.

In Stand-up Paddle Boarding, small teams had to complete a relay across the lake. Just to add to the challenge, many people got caught in the current and were left beached or fell into the cold water. This was the first time many of us had tried this activity, so it proved to be a great learning experience and lots of fun.

Beach Boot Camp was a team-orientated fitness session. It consisted of jogging on the spot, planking, sumo squats, star jumps and running. While the idea of a boot camp is not the most appealing activity for teenagers, the fact that it was done in such amazing surrounds made it enjoyable and everyone worked together and encouraged one another.

A to B was a digging activity in which we had to get our entire team to the other side of a low-strung rope without touching it. It relied on rotating our ‘diggers’, so we didn’t get too tired, and communicating with one another to avoid touching the rope. If anyone in the group touched the rope, we all had to run to the water and back. In the end, this proved a great way to cool off!

Overall, it was a great day enjoyed by all and we were all exhausted on the way back to school.

Archie Moffat, Year 8