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Year 8 Ideas Energise Enterprise Program

Year 8 Ideas Energise Enterprise Program

Author: Barbara Mossman
Author Role: Head of Gifted and Enterprise Education

Our current Year 8 cohort’s talent, creativity and capacity to think deeply to develop innovative ideas in response to problems were on show this week when they tackled their annual Enterprise Education Program, Designing Spaces.

The program was a valuable collaboration between CHAC’s Gifted and Enterprise Education Faculty and external presenters, BOP Industries. Students were energetic and passionate about their ideas as they participated in masterclasses and then embraced the challenge to re-design areas of the CHAC campus. This year group deserve special recognition for their maturity, enthusiasm and ability to collaborate with others throughout this challenge - congratulations, Year 8!

Students share their thoughts about the experience below.

Student Perspectives…

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose! Felicity Lamb

On the 30th of November, BOP Industries worked with CHAC staff to deliver the Designing Spaces Enterprise Education program to Grade 8 students. The objectives of this event were to help us develop a greater understanding of our part in society and apply real-world social studies concepts through ideation and communication. The challenge created a balance between fun and education: students had to collaborate in a group as designers to create a new space for the college using their communication, ideation, problem-solving and teamworking skills. To succeed, we had to prioritise communication and team working skills and needed to collaborate through ideation and problem-solving. Without realising it, we were adopting a real-world mindset in this task, setting us up for collaboration in a future work setting.
I enjoyed my time with the BOP coordinators, who were young and relatable, and had fun working collaboratively with peers, especially those I wouldn’t normally work with! I was tested laterally in ideation and problem-solving, which gave me an experience I wouldn’t otherwise have had. Jack Simpson

The Enterprise Program was both useful and engaging for me. The part I liked most about the Enterprise Program was the teamwork. Not only did we have to think as a team, but we also had to come up with a clever, useful and usable solution to a scaffold showing what was bad about one of the older buildings at school and how we could fix these problems. My group (consisting of Mason, Holly, Oliver and me) decided to focus on the Tuggerah while the other groups did designs on B Block, C Block, or the Art Block. I would like to thank the people in my group, the teachers who helped out and the BOP team. Scarlett Sydney

I liked learning about all the smart technology and the ways that they can be implemented into classrooms to enhance learning. Dominik Beveridge

This workshop was highly engaging and eye-opening. My group developed the idea to renovate the B-Block building. We designed the classes to have curved breakout rooms with glass walls so students can look out to the gardens and the rest of the college. Furthermore, we created the idea to place a glass roof over the shared space between both sides of the classrooms. This glass would be Smart glass that is used at QUT as it controls the light that passes through. We would also include better insulation, bike racks, LED lights and reuse greywater to make our design more sustainable. This was a very intriguing and interesting program and I highly enjoyed it. Mary Donnan

I believe the most useful element that we learnt today was how to work well in teams of people you don't know well because it is similar to real-world work. Abby Foresto

The most useful element in the focus group I attended was to think outside of the box. I learnt to not only think of the obvious but think of things that would improve the building and make it a fun learning space. Alyssa Mehrton

I enjoyed the part where my group and I collaborated to create a learning space for CHAC because we could get our ideas out, be productive and still have fun. Vedant Rajeesh

I really enjoyed the sustainability focus group and watching the videos on what places around the world are currently doing to be more sustainable. Mischa Mossman-Postula

I enjoyed the focus group where we got to learn about new technology and ways that people are innovating schools. Toby Chippendale

The most enjoyable element of the program was getting to know your role in a group and what you bring to the team (this was learned through the project). Callie Bannister

I personally found creating the actual project and learning about the different items that have had technological aspects added to them and how they will be able to impact our future the most enjoyable part of today. Ellie Whiley

Working with my group as we were able to have fun. Stanley Cullin-Way

I enjoyed working with some of the people in my team as I have never worked with one of them before. I also liked the design aspect as it was very free choice. Holly Clough