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Year 8 English – Advertising Insights

Year 8 English – Advertising Insights

Author: Eve Hassall
Author Role: Head of Faculty- English

Our Year 8 students have concluded the year with a focus on the language of advertising. They have considered how language, visuals and persuasive techniques are manipulated by advertisers to encourage target audiences to purchase products and/or change their behaviour. Students have analysed a wide range of print and television advertisements, and also designed and justified their own advertisements.

To support them in their study, Ms Evonne Martin was invited to the College to give a presentation to the Year 8s entitled Advertising Industry Insights. Evonne Martin has studied both Business Communication and Graphic Design and bought with her a wealth of knowledge from her experience working for multi-national advertising agencies such as MediaCom and OMP as well as companies such as Baird Investment Banking and Dr Martens.  

Evonne extended our students’ understanding of advertising beyond the theory taught in the classroom into the real world of business. She explored the cost of advertising, various media platforms, advertising models, the major players, campaign development, the benefits of advertising, marketing strategies, market segmentation, target audiences and a variety of popular advertising campaigns.

Year 8 student, Zoe Billings, commented, "Ms Martin's speech provided great insight into the advertising industry. Her talk gave the cohort a deeper understanding of the processes involved in designing an advertisement and how different advertising techniques can manipulate the viewer in different ways. Overall, the presentation was highly engaging and will definitely help us, not just in our exam, but also when having to make smart choices about advertisements in the future."

The incorporation of advertising industry insights into our English programs aligns with CHAC’s Next Practice pedagogy, which is characterised by the implementation of engagement in relevant, authentic real-world learning experiences.