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Year 7 Japanese Obento Picnic in the Wetlands

Year 7 Japanese Obento Picnic in the Wetlands

Author: Peta Nakamura
Author Role: Coordinator of Japanese

This term in Japanese class, we learned all about food and how to talk about what we like and dislike. This subject also taught us about Japanese culture, manners and common foods. On Thursday 13 June, all Year 7 students studying Japanese were invited to an obento box lunch in the Wetlands. There was a choice of main dish with sides of traditional Japanese cuisine such as: edamame (green beans), gohan (rice) and renkon (lotus root). Students socialised while eating a delicious, memorable lunch. It was an extremely fun event that everyone thoroughly enjoyed!

Felicity Lamb, Year 7

Last week all of Year 7 Japanese, including me, participated in the obento lunch picnic as part of our  Food, Food, Glorious Food unit. The box consisted of Edamame (Japanese green soybeans), Lotus root (a salty vegetable), rice, salad and a Japanese style protein (teriyaki tofu, teriyaki chicken, kaarage chicken or ginger pork belly). I ordered the teriyaki chicken and I must say that I was not disappointed! The sweet flavor of the teriyaki sauce and the salty flavour of the lotus fruit made a delicious combination, and the plain rice and edamame gave some flavour relief. I thoroughly enjoyed my meal and I’m sure the Year 7s studying Japanese next year will too. The culture comes through so strongly in their food.

Sidney Marshall, Year 7

Thanks to Oike Sensei for organising the Japanese ‘obento’ (lunch box) picnic in the Wetlands for our Year 7 students as a lovely way to finish off our unit on “Japanese food” this term.

The students clearly enjoyed their lunch and most of them even managed to eat with chopsticks. Gochisou-sama-deshita! (Thank you for the delicious meal).