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Year 7 Arts Day

Year 7 Arts Day

On Friday 27 August, the entire Year 7 cohort experienced an Arts Immersion Day. They began with viewing a production of The Hurting Game by Brainstorm Productions, which had them both laughing and seriously considering the negative impact of bullying on their peers. With relatable characters and an interesting soundtrack, this was highly entertaining and enthralling.

After this, they had an opportunity to enrol in a Visual Art workshop with a presenter from Flying Arts. Six different workshops were offered and covered diverse subjects from Ikebana and Digital Animation to Recycled Jewellery making. It was wonderful to see the level of energy and creativity in the room as they worked!

The day finished with a wonderful African Drumming performance, which broadened the students’ understanding of world music. Students participated with energy and spirit.


Overall, it was a successful and exciting experience.

Carmel Mungavin
Head of Faculty – The Arts