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Year 6 Classroom Capers

Year 6 Classroom Capers

Author: Robin Laisby
Author Role: Year 6 Teacher

The Primary Assembly on Wednesday was one of this week's highlights. It was great to come together as a primary community to celebrate students who are doing some amazing things within the College. It was also great to see some of our Spiritual and House Leaders step-up to run the Assembly in the absence of our Primary Leaders.

Also this week, a small group of students headed to St Joseph’s Nudgee College to participate in the da Vinci Decathlon. This was a long day where our team of eight students completed tasks in ten different disciplines: English, Mathematics, Code-Breaking, Science, Engineering, Ideation, Creative Producers, Art & Poetry, Cartography and General Knowledge. They were competing against students from schools all over Brisbane and the wider region. The CHAC team walked away with three first-place rankings in Ideation, Creative Producers and Code-Breaking. They achieved more first placings than any other school competing– what a wonderful achievement. A special mention to the reserves who didn’t attend on the day: Harrison Florido, Harry Orford, Cooper James and Hugo Green.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, CHAC students also competed at Lytton District- Harry Orford, Tamara Kubiak, Alex Smith and Anton Kalwy. Special mention to Tamara who came 2nd overall in the high jump. Well done to all competitors for representing CHAC so well.

Students continued their efforts with their design and technology tasks and have commenced construction of their models. Careful placement of circuits and design features found in homes were eagerly explored and experimented with. Our trip to the Secondary Science laboratory enhanced this learning experience by working in pairs to build more complex parallel circuits.

This week, we also completed the first of three pointillist artworks entitled, Environment. Students are now exploring how colour is used within Pointillism to creatively produce an artwork that represents a piece of fruit.

In Life and Faith this week, students discussed the importance of recognising Indigenous Australians and the meaning behind Reconciliation Week, which takes place from 27 May to 3 June. Students brainstormed significant Indigenous Australians and the contribution they have made to Australian society. Students workshopped how they can help create a nation strengthened by respectful relationships between the wider Australian community and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. 



CHAC Champs

Congratulations to CHAC's da Vinci team: Lucas Collings, Ratan Belle, Anna Robbins, Edward Hambling, Edward Anderson-Bond, Nicholas Anderson-Bond, Sacha Newberry and Brydee McClure.

Congratulations to Cooper James for his time management, determination and successful completion of tasks before his European adventure.