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Year 6 Classroom Capers

Year 6 Classroom Capers

Author: Robin Laisby
Author Role: Year 6 Teacher


It was great to spend a full week in the classroom, knuckling down and focusing on the variety of learning experiences taking place this term.

Within HASS, students explored the ‘Waves of Migration’ that took place in Australia during the 20th century. Students read stories of migrants and refugees and their journeys to Australia. These will form the basis of their combined English and HASS assessment for the term, which they will soon begin planning.

In Science, we headed to the Secondary Science Laboratories to investigate materials that are conductors and insulators of electricity. Next week, we will look at complex circuits and how these can be implemented in their Design and Technology assessments.

Students continued their individual design ideas for a model they will construct in groups later this term. It is envisioned that by next week students will share their ideas with their team members before working together to construct a room of a house that produces light, sound and movement.


  • Science Lab: Monday 20 May
  • Da Vinci Decathlon: Tuesday and Friday lunchtimes
  • Bridge Builders: If your lunchtime Bridge Building sessions clash with debating or Da Vinci, please let Ms Spencer know so that an alternate time can be arranged



CHAC Champs
Alex Smith: For his active engagement during HASS lessons.

Tamara Kubiak: For an excellent module in Maths, and her selfless, kind and proactive response to a classmate being away from school.