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Year 12 Visual Art Final Exhibition

Year 12 Visual Art Final Exhibition

Author: Hermione Knowles-Green and Maxi Mossman
Author Role: Arts Ambassadors

Over the past few weeks, the Senior Visual Art students have been working hard to complete their final piece of internal assessment. Their task was to develop their ideas from previous folios, research relevant artists and create a final resolved piece or pieces that reflected their individual, student-led focus.

With the new senior curriculum implemented this year comes significantly more flexibility and freedom, and it is with this creative licence that the senior class has produced some truly outstanding work.

The College's Art Gallery is now full of thought-provoking and unique installations that undoubtedly reflect the talent and dedication of every Year 12 Art student.

As the 2020 Arts Ambassadors, we'd like to say a big congratulations to the Senior Art classes, as well as a huge thank you to Ms Boyle, Ms Chaplain, Mr Leegwater and all the Art staff for their unwavering support in the completion of our work. See each of the works below.