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Year 11 Unit 1 Block Exams

Year 11 Unit 1 Block Exams

Author: Chris Nastrom-Smith
Author Role: Director of Data and Strategy

Our Year 11 students are nearing the completion of Unit 1 and commence block exams during Week 15 (May 20-24). In preparation for the new senior program, the College has made some strategic decisions around completing the formative units (Unit 1 and 2) in blocks of approximately 15-16 weeks and highlighted these timelines at the Parent Information Evenings during Term 1. The benefits of these decisions will be seen in summative units (Units 3 and 4), where students will have increased time to navigate the content and develop a deeper understanding of the course work in partnership with their teachers.

The end of Unit 1 also represents the commencement of assessment, with the Year 11 block exam schedule released this week. This time in the College calendar represents a dedicated class-free week for students to immerse themselves in a continuous period of study and assessment. Students new to secondary school do take time to adjust to this concept of ‘block’ exams, however, with the introduction of external exams at the end of Year 12, it is important for students to gain experience in working independently and preparing for a test. This is why students will experience a number of 'block' exam periods prior to the end of Year 12.

Staff are already noticing the benefits of fewer senior assessment pieces and are looking forward to supporting the students through Unit 1 assessment. With any new systems, feedback from the College community is imperative. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or wish to pass on any information.