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Year 11 Stradbroke art immersion

Year 11 Stradbroke art immersion

Author: Jennifer Chaplin
Author Role: Secondary Teacher Arts

As stimulus for the new Senior syllabus, 22 Visual Art students spent the day exploring the many marvels of Stradbroke Island.

Starting the day with local indigenous artist Sonya Carmichael, we twisted local reeds and learnt about the lost weaving culture of the Island. Ducking out of showers, we travelled the island from end to end, walking amongst the natural flora and expressing ourselves on the beach with coloured sands. We felt we had captured the essence of the island.

A historical talk by the local museum curator added depth to our knowledge of the cemetery and surrounding township of Dunwich.

We ended our long day on a ferry back to school, taking in a golden sunset and wondering what art will be made in the following terms.